Friday, 20 May 2016

Book Review: Love and Other Man-Made Disasters by Nicola Doherty*

Summer is quickly approaching (can anyone believe it’s almost JUNE? Madness!) and I’m just as quickly getting stuck back into my summer reads. I decided to start this month’s reading off with a YA contemporary, Love and Other Man-Made Disasters by Nicola Doherty. Thanks very much to the team at Hachette Children’s Group for my copy of this book!

I have to say that this one was a pretty short read (short and sweet!) and this is a good thing: the book is absolutely perfect for easing yourself back into reading if you’re in a slump and just cheesy enough that you get pleasure out of doing so! I didn’t really go in with any expectations, meaning that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The story follows Juno, an 18 year old in the middle of her A Level exams. She’s a very serious character, very no-nonsense and straight talking and incredibly level headed – a little bit like me, if I’m honest, although this is not necessarily a good thing! Her and her family (or should I say, her new family: her mother having just remarried a man with twin sons) embark on a little midterm skiing getaway to Austria. Juno doesn’t want to go skiing, least of all in the middle of the most important exam period of her life. However, she takes herself out of her comfort zone, throws herself quite literally into skiing and finds love on the way.

The book is very Chalet Girl-esque so if you’re into that kind of thing (minus Ed Westwick) then you’ll probably love this book! It was very quick flowing and intriguing and the character dynamics were pretty interesting. I enjoyed the relationship between Juno and her mother and the growing bond between her and her stepbrothers (although this could have been explored a little more than it was.) I loved Boy and the other Chalet workers and I love that Juno finally let go of her serious side and learnt to enjoy the simple things in life. I’d say that I was perhaps a little old for this one, I’d probably aim it more towards 16 year olds (although saying that, there was a sex scene included amongst all of the snow!!) If you’re into Liz Rettig’s Kelly Ann diaries or the Georgia Nicholson series then this one is probably right up your street!

You can buy a copy of the book on amazon here from 2nd June! 


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