Sunday, 8 May 2016

Review: David Bowie "Starman" - A Colouring Book*

Anyone that knows me personally will know that I’m super into rock music. I was brought up listening to classic rock, heavy metal, indie rock, you name it, by my rock-n-roll obsessed dad, and David Bowie was one of the artists he listened to frequently. When I was contacted by Emily at Plexus books about reviewing a David Bowie colouring book, I thought this was the perfect way to share my memories of the man we’ll always know as the Starman.

I listen to Bowie on a regular basis. My football team plays his song “heroes” as a background track for a pre-match video, one of my favourite bands of the last few years has covered one of his songs to an amazing standard (The Struts cover of Rebel Rebel, if you’re intrigued) and I don’t think I’ve ever gone a week without singing along to Space Oddity. This colouring book is a culmination of everything that made up Bowie, with his eccentric outfits depicted in an almost pop art inspired stylised drawing and accompanied by the lyrics that he is famous for penning. It contains a number of beautiful eulogies memorialising the great man, many of them enormous names with person ties to Bowie. I think that this in particular is a beautiful touch and makes the colouring book all the more unique and treasurable.

Each drawing is accompanied with a page full of facts about the era, about the songs and about Bowie himself. It is definitely a perfect present for a fan of Bowie looking to remember him a different, more artistic way. The drawings are simplistic but I believe this is apt: Bowie was a simple man who made artistic decisions, both musically and in the fashionable sense, which made him vibrant. The paper is thick so you can go to town with paints, pastels or markers and recreate the outfits of an era.

RIP Bowie. May the world forever be blessed with the product of your time on Earth- your beautiful music.

What are your memories of Mr Bowie? Let me know in the comments! 

(*The product mentioned in this review was gifted to me, but my opinions remain my own. You can buy the colouring book from amazon here if you so wish.)

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