Thursday, 16 June 2016

Food: Revolucion de Cuba Liverpool Bloggers Event

Last week, my boyfriend and I were invited along to the Revolución de Cuba event on the Albert Docks, Liverpool. I’ve never been to any of the Revolución restaurants before so didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the food and drink, but my-oh-my am I pleased that we went along for the ride on this one!

In typical bloggers fashion, the drinks were flowing and it didn’t take long before I found myself feeling pretty tipsy. As soon as we arrived we were treated to Mojitos – I must be honest, I’m not a big fan of Mojitos (but obviously wasn’t going to turn down a free cocktail) and I’m pleased to admit that actually I quite enjoyed it. The mint wasn’t overpowering as I’ve found in the past with mojitos and it really quenched my thirst whilst we were waiting for everyone to arrive. As we got there quite early on in the evening, Jack gave us a tour of the place and I was blown away, principally because of the sheer size of the restaurant, but also because of its positioning on the docks and the beautiful designs throughout. It really was an amazing refurbishment and the team should be really chuffed with what they’ve achieved with this place!

After the mojitos had been (quickly) drunk, we were treated to a voucher each which entitled us to any drink from the bar. Paul and I obviously went for cocktails, with him choosing a Zombie (with it’s secret recipe!) and myself playing it safe with a Cuba Libre (aka a fancy rum and coke.) I was ever so slightly jealous as Paul’s was fun and fruity but I loved my choice none the less! 

Once everyone had arrived, the night kicked off and was quickly in full swing! We started off with a little tapas tasting session. A little secret about me: the key to my heart is through tapas. It’s my absolute FAVOURITE style of dining and I could honestly eat tapas every day and remain pretty content! We were treated to a fair few dishes and they were all fantastic. Firstly, we tried Chicken Quesadillas, which consisted of chicken, peppers, onions, a dash of cheese and a DELICIOUS pineapple salsa, all between crispy tortillas! We had Albondigas, my personal favourite tapas choice – chorizo, pork and beef meatballs. I enjoyed these but they were in a very strong tasting red-wine based sauce so that taste overpowered ever so slightly. In spite of that, they were still pretty damn good so definitely can’t complain there! We also tried Mojito Battered Prawns, which were my absolute favourite! I’d go back to Revolución de Cuba JUST for those prawns. All of these tasty tapas dishes were accompanied with a side of Honey Roasted Vegetables and incredibly spicy Patatas Bravas.

After we’d tried and tested the best of the tapas menu, we were treated to a cocktail masterclass, with each of us allowed the opportunity to make the cocktail of our choice. I chose to play it safe and make another one of the Cuba Libre cocktails, while Paul was a little bit more adventurous and tried his hand at making a Passion Fruit Mojito. As if we weren’t getting drunk enough (and believe me, at this point I was starting to feel a little bit tipsy), we were then taken further into the beautiful space that Revolución had created to try a few different shots of rum. I’m definitely a rum girl (as well as a gin girl!) and I LOVED this aspect of the night, although by the end of the session the shots were way too strong for my mouth (and my head) to handle. Special thanks to Koko for giving us tonnes of information on the different types of rum.

Finally (!!!!) we had a go at making our very own burritos. During the day of the event, Revolución de Cuba had an offer going where the first 500 customers through the door could grab a free Burrito. That said, I’m pretty sure Jamie the head chef was sick of the sight of burritos by the time it was time for us to make them, so hats off to him for taking the time to show us how to roll our own! My burrito looked fab to begin with but then fell apart in my hands as soon as I started to eat it, so obviously I’m not destined to be a burrito chef.

Special thanks to Jack for the invitation and for organising such an amazing bloggers event. We had an absolute BALL and I’m really looking forward to going back at some point in the future – I just have to, I’ve been eyeing up their Croquetas ever since I left the joint!

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