Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beauty: Lush VIP Bloggers Event, Liverpool*

If I had an infinite amount of money, with the exception of books, I think I’d definitely be spending all of my money on bath goodies and cosmetics. Getting to go to an event at LUSH would be the absolute icing of the cake for me and luckily for me, on Thursday evening I got to do just that at the LUSH VIP blogger event. After the doors had closed at 7pm, we were allowed to reign free and have a wander around, taking in products old and new and getting an experience that I feel incredibly lucky to have had access to. We were shown the BRAND NEW Hallowe’en collection before they were released to the greedy eyes of the public and my goodness me, they are absolutely out of this world. 

I love a bath. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a bath in my current little flat. It’s not a complete deal-breaker, but it does drive me a little mad sometimes. The new LUSH collection has almost made me want to move house and GET a bath, because there are some absolutely incredible products out there and they all smell absolutely FANTASTIC. Obviously.

I met up with some other bloggers before the event and it was really nice to catchup and have a chat. Everyone was really excited to get inside – who wouldn’t be? It’s LUSH! – and when we did get inside we certainly weren’t disappointed. We were greeted at the door by the organisers of the event and handed a lovely little goodie bag to take home with us. Inside the goodie bag was a Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which happens to be one of the nicest smelling products that I’ve ever smelt. It’s rich with Juniperberry oil and other skin friendly products – I can’t wait to go and try it out! (I’m planning on borrowing my boyfriend’s mum’s bath for the evening!). I loved the rest of the Hallowe'en collection too- how CUTE are those little ghost Bath Melts??? TOO CUTE, that's how cute. 

One of the points of the event was to introduce us bloggers to products which were perfect for our skin. Inside our goodie bag, we also had little tester pots which we were free to fill with whatever products we wanted. We got to speak to different specialists about different products: Matthew taught us all about the different skincare products that Lush has to offer and explained how different skin types require different products and sometimes, not every product works for every person. He recommended a good few products to me, which I gleefully scooped into my little sample pots and I’m very excited to give them a whirl and see if they do wonders for my skin. I also managed to snag a sample of the Daddy-o shampoo which I’ve been dying to try out for THE LONGEST amount of time.

We were able to go up and visit the Spa part of Liverpool’s LUSH store, which was amazing and I’m definitely tempted to book myself in for some pampering. The staff members talked us through all the different treatments they have on offer, as well as allowing us to test out some of the products they use up there. I thought the whole experience was wonderful and I was particularly impressed by the fact that initial consultations and the afterwards of the massage were excluded from the massage time, meaning you get exactly what you pay for ad can take full advantage of your full massage. I loved the positivity and the vibe attached to the process- the lovely ladies focus entirely on the things you love about yourself rather than the things you don’t, an incredibly fantastic concept as far as I’m concerned.  We were gifted a massage bar, which was a lovely touch and I’m so excited to give that a go and relax myself.

Finally, I nipped back down to the main store to try and make my own product. I missed out on making my very own Comforter bath bomb, but I did get to try my hand at making a facemask, which was definitely a fair trade! We made Cupcake, a product I’ve never tried to before. It smells amazing, like cake-mix, unsurprisingly considering the name. I was quite chuffed that I got to make this one rather than the Comforter as I regularly buy the bubble bar but I probably never would have thought to try Cupcake otherwise. Definitely a little treat!

Thanks so much to the team at Lush for the invite- the event was absolutely amazing and I feel so lucky to have been allowed to attend! I’ll definitely be sticking up a little haul post and a review in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for my updates!


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  1. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! I'd love to have a go at making a cupcake mask! Looks like you had a blast! The Halloween goodies are just adorable, the ghosts have to be my favourite 😍👻

    Abbey ✨