Friday, 2 September 2016

Life: My Current Netflix Choices

As I’m working pretty much full-time at the moment, after a long day at work all I want to do is come home, get myself snuggled up on the sofa and watch some good old Netflix. I tend to stick to the same kind of thing when I stick Netflix on the TV so this one’s probably pretty predictable, especially if you follow me on twitter. Spoiler alert: I talk about Gilmore Girls and PLL a LOT on twitter. I wonder if they’re included in my list…

Gilmore Girls is and probably always will be my favourite TV show. I’ve been watching it over and over since I was about 14 years old (I’m very nearly 23 now!) and I honestly don’t think that I’ll ever tire of the wit, the laughter and the amazing character developments that the show represents. I absolutely cannot wait until the new episodes are released in November- I’m practically counting down the days and am praying for a Luke and Lorelai reunion!

I was a bit of a latecomer to Pretty Little Liars, only discovering the show whilst I was on my year abroad in 2014. I watched the entire series up to date over the course of this year and MY GOD I am eternally grateful for the fact that I did. The show is creepy, it’s exciting and it keeps everyone guessing over who the bloody hell is responsible for the absolute TORTURE that the Liars have endured during the time it’s been on air. We’re finally getting closer to the big reveal and I’m really excited about whether or not I’m right about who has been causing all of this destruction.

Whilst I was on holiday in Spain, there was very little English TV choice and whilst we were getting ready, or else waiting for everyone else to get ready, we stuck the TV on for a bit of background noise. Over the course of the week holiday, I fell in love with The Big Bang Theory and was so chuffed to find out that it was on Netflix and I could continue watching when I got home. I’m about two and a half seasons into the show now and I love the characters and the relationships that they have. I’m slightly in love with Leonard, I’m not going to lie to you!

What are you watching at the moment? Let me know!


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