Monday, 5 September 2016

Life: Taking the Plunge

This week, I’ll be starting a new endeavour and beginning my year-long training to become a Primary School Teacher. I’ve had quite the ride in getting here, with emotional breakdowns and last minute life changing decisions but I think I’ve settled all my worries and doubts and am finally looking forward to starting my journey.

It’s going to be an incredibly tough year. I’ve made the decision to work part-time alongside my studies which is going to be incredibly tiring and I’m going to have to keep myself together motivation and productivity-wise if I want to succeed. Couple that with keeping this blog on track, keeping my relationship fresh and exciting AND actually doing adult things like cleaning and cooking and I’m going to be an incredibly busy bee.

I’m lucky enough to have some incredibly supportive people alongside me, in my parents, brother and boyfriend, as well as amazing friends who’ll keep me guided and motivated to succeed. I’ve been warned by numerous people that if I don’t cry at least once in my PGCE year then I’m doing it wrong. I’m excited to see where this challenge will take me and I’m excited to throw myself into an incredibly rewarding and reputable career.

I WILL be stressed, I WILL be stroppy but I WILL succeed in being the best teacher that I possibly can.


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