Saturday, 18 March 2017

Beauty: A GHD Masterclass at John Lewis, Liverpool*

Last week, I had a very beauty focused week: I visited the fantastic Woodland’s Beauty Clinic to give a few of their treatments a whirl and was blown away by what they had to offer. I was also invited to have a little masterclass in John Lewis, at the GHD counter there: the lovely Natalie was there to introduce me to all the amazing products that GHD have to offer.

Beauty: A GHD Masterclass at John Lewis, Liverpool* | Hollie in Wanderlust
We all know GHD and we’ve probably all owned a pair of their incredible straighteners at one time or another in our lives. Personally, I managed to resist the temptation of buying a pair for quite a while and it took my straighteners dying a death for me to bite the bullet and invest in a wide pair of the devils. I have incredibly thick, wavy hair and there is absolutely no pair of straighteners that works on my hair other than GHD: the fact I waited so long to invest actually pains me a little, as I probably could have had hours of my life back that I wasted attempting to straighten my hair with rubbish quality straightening irons. I’m all about creating a smooth, effortless look that doesn’t take much time (busy gal, over here!) and GHD are definitely the brand to be using to ensure that that is the case.

Beauty: A GHD Masterclass at John Lewis, Liverpool* | Hollie in Wanderlust

Natalie showed all of the products to me, explaining how the different styles of straightening iron and curling tongs and wands work. I loved the upgraded versions of the classic GHD straighteners and I’ve took an instant likening for the GHD Platinum Stylers, a hair straightener that looks as gorgeous as the styles it creates. Natalie explained that the irons use tri-zone technology, which ensures equal distribution of heat and doesn’t damage your gorgeous locks in the process! Natalie also introduced me to a product I’m most definitely lusting after now and have been since the event: a little travel hairdryer. You might think, “Hollie, it’s a hairdryer. What could possibly be so special about a hairdryer?” Go in to John Lewis and up to the GHD counter and have a word with Natalie, and you’ll find out why I love it so much. (Spoiler alert: cool air and warm air separation, portability and POWER.)

Beauty: A GHD Masterclass at John Lewis, Liverpool* | Hollie in Wanderlust

Natalie also very kindly curled my hair for me, using all of the amazing GHD products to make sure that it stays healthy in spite of the heat. I personally own a curling wand and I absolutely adore it, so I asked Natalie to give me a subtler, classic look, channelling thick curls. I absolutely adored the look that Natalie gave me and I felt like a million dollars leaving the store afterwards. I was also incredibly lucky to receive a little goody bag full of fantastic GHD products and I am very excited to try them out!

Beauty: A GHD Masterclass at John Lewis, Liverpool* | Hollie in Wanderlust

Not a lot of people are aware of the GHD station in John Lewis, as it’s quite far back in the store and is quite small but I honestly couldn’t fault the products and the care and attention you get from staff there. Top tip from Natalie: if you buy products, you’re more than welcome to have a little hair master class yourself. So get yourself down to GHD next time you’re on a night out: we all need a good quality bottle of heat defence spray, for example, so why not treat yourself and then let GHD treat you?

Thanks so much to Natalie and to GHD for the lovely, lovely treat! I’ll definitely be coming back to purchase that hairdryer upon pay-day!!


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