Monday, 6 March 2017

Beauty: A Little Pamper Session At the Woodlands Clinic, Baltic Triangle*

I think it’s perfectly safe to say that one of my absolute favourite things in the world is a good, old fashioned pamper session. There’s nothing better than going to a salon and getting you hair, nails and makeup done when you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps. When Stephanie, part of the PR team that represent Woodlands Beauty Clinic got in touch to see if I wanted to try out a few of their treatments, it took approximately five seconds of thought before I’d made my decision. I booked myself in for a Shellac Manicure and Facial for the 1st March. Woodlands Beauty Clinic has salons in Woolton, where I work and in Aigburth, but they’ve also opened a clinic in the up and coming Baltic Triangle, just outside of the bustling Liverpool city centre, in the last year. I LOVE the Baltic Triangle; there are so many cool bars and restaurants to check out and I think that this salon fits right on in there in terms of its style and reputation. Located on Jamaica Street, the clinic is just a stones throw away from Liverpool One and the Albert Docks. It’s incredibly easy to find and upon arrival I was greeted by the LOVELY Antonia. Antonia made me feel right at home, got me settled and was incredibly eager to answer all of my questions.

Beauty: A Little Pamper Session At the Woodlands Clinic, Baltic Triangle | Hollie in Wanderlust

Beauty: A Little Pamper Session At the Woodlands Clinic, Baltic Triangle | Hollie in Wanderlust

I get my nails done fairly frequently and when I do, I always go for Shellac as my treatment of choice. I love the versatility of Shellac – it can last so long and has an amazing look- but it also doesn’t cost the Earth which is perfect for someone like me who’s saving up to buy a house. I can’t justify blowing £40 every few weeks on nails but a £25 Shellac treatment is all the more affordable. I had a little job interview the day after my treatment so I opted to go for a more natural coloured Shellac- the colour I chose is a beautiful peach based pink – in certain lights it looks almost a pale coral coloured and I absolutely love it. Antonia is an expert when it comes to Shellac and it’s obvious that she knows exactly what she’s doing and what she’s talking about. The salon used ACTUAL Shellac polishes, which is evident in the finish and time and care was put into ensuring that absolutely every layer was done immaculately. Of course, she filed down and buffed my nails prior to applying the colour, as well as making sure that my cuticles were pushed back as they should be. After my top coat had been seared, almond oil applied to my cuticles to ensure that they’re rehydrated and a big smile put back on my face after a long, tiring week, Antonia took me upstairs to the little massage treatment room and talked me through some options for my facial.

Beauty: A Little Pamper Session At the Woodlands Clinic, Baltic Triangle | Hollie in Wanderlust

Beauty: A Little Pamper Session At the Woodlands Clinic, Baltic Triangle | Hollie in Wanderlust

After I’d stripped down and got myself settled on the massage table, Antonia talked me through the different products that the salon uses and introduced Dermaquest to me, their brand of choice. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the feel of this product on my skin: since my facial (which was just short of a week ago now) my face has felt fully hydrated and I’ve had quite a few comments about how lively and soft it looks. Antonia referred to the treatment that I had as the Red Carpet Treatment on a number of occasions and I think that it’s fair to say that that’s a pretty good description of how it felt. It made me feel incredibly au naturel and revitalised. Antonia explained every stage in detail, telling me what each product was going to do to my skin and how it would help me out. I was a little apprehensive to try an exfoliating treatment on my face, if I’m honest, as my skin is incredibly sensitive and the smallest amount of alien product causes reactions but luckily, that wasn’t the case at all with the Dermaquest products. I’ll definitely be looking into integrating these into my daily routine where I can. I must admit that my favourite part of the facial was the upper body massage: I have an incredibly knotted back- as I said, I’ve had a stressful few weeks- and Antonia was fantastic in getting rid of the knots and making me feel incredibly relaxed. I finished off by having a large glass of water to make sure my skin was getting everything it needed to stay healthy and bright.

Woodlands Beauty Clinic is absolutely fantastic. I felt incredibly comfortable there, which for me is a tell-tale sign of a good and reputable salon. Everything was explained to me in great detail, I felt completely at ease throughout the entire treatment sessions and I’d definitely go back there in a heartbeat for more treatments when I get the chance! Thank you so much to Stephanie for the invite and then Antonia and Woodlands Clinic for my amazing experience!


(*This post is a collaboration with Woodlands Beauty Clinic. I received the treatments free of charge but this review is fully reflective of my true thoughts and feelings towards the clinic. I will never be influenced in any way by collaborations.) 

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