Sunday, 13 May 2018


I am very much a ‘play it safe’ kind of girl. I do my makeup in exactly the same way every time I get dolled up, using exactly the same products in exactly the same order – with the exception of a different lipstick, depending on the outfit I’m wearing. On a daily basis, when I’m not working, I stick to jeans and a nice top, making sure to go slightly overboard on a night out. I structure my days in the same way – I get home from work and have a ‘break’ until 7pm every day, then finish off whatever planning or resourcing needs doing for the day. We eat at a similar time each evening and I go to bed around the same time as well. I like my routine and, generally speaking, it works well.


In spite of this, I know I can live in a much less restrictive way. I realise that some of my habits mean that I am a little bit too structured in how I act, and a lot of change stresses me out and makes me feel incredibly anxious. I love fashion and I love clothes, and buying clothes that are a little bit ‘out there’ is something that I like to do, then promptly return because I stress far too much about what other people think about what I’m wearing.


CO-ORD: Miss Selfridge (here) TOP: River Island (here)

One of my recent goals is to care less about what other people think, and concentrate on my own happiness. If I want to wear something that’s completely out of my comfort zone, then I’m going to do it. I ordered this absolutely gorgeous co-ord suit from Miss Selfridge last week and my initial reaction was to send it straight back. The colour is a beautiful lemon yellow that stands out like nothing I’ve ever worn before- which of course, was part of the problem. My instinct towards wearing black and neutral colours – aka, safe and boring – kicked in. Even my boyfriend asked when I’d have the chance to wear something so bold.

The answer to that question? Whenever I want to.


I’ve realised that actually, no one really cares what other people wear for longer than a few seconds. I’m trying to approach life with a much more laid-back attitude and quite frankly, I’ve stopped caring what other people think of me, what I wear and what I do. It’s a hard attitude and stance to follow as it’s human nature to care what other people think but I do think that I am starting to see the benefits of it. By no means am I completely void of feeling and this is absolutely not a quick fix to the feelings that I have when I’m placed in unfamiliar  territory but my point here is that if I enjoy something and I like the way something looks on me, then it’s absolutely no one else’s business except my own. That’s the way I’m going to approach things from this day onward.

This suit? Yes, it’s lemon yellow. Yes, it’s definitely not something I’d normally wear. But you know what? It’s incredibly comfortable, it’s lightweight so would be absolutely perfect in the summer and to be quite honest with you? I think I look great. And that, my dear friends, is all that matters.  

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