Wishlist: ASOS pay day treats!

I finish my work placement in France on the 24th April, which scarily, is now under a month away! I’m really excited to get back to the UK, though, although I’m quite surprised by this as a few months back I didn’t want to ever leave Strasbourg, let alone be quite looking forward to it. There’s nothing wrong with this place, but there are certain aspects of French life that I just can’t get my head around and I’ll be looking forward to the normality of England. 

However, one of the things I’ve missed most about living in England is ASOS and next day delivery! Obviously, ASOS exists in and can be delivered to France, but dodgy reception areas and delivery times have put me off ordering things. So, naturally, I have a hefty wish list and here are just a few of my March faves which are definitely going to be ordered when I get home! I’ve chosen   my top 3 items to share with you today! 

For my 21st birthday last year, I was completely alone in a brand new country and at that point, I hadn’t made any friends. I hadn’t started work, I hadn’t really settled and it was pretty rubbish, to say the least. To make up for it this year, I’m having three celebrations- one with my friends from home before we all head back to uni/start jobs, a big party the week before my birthday for my uni friends and then a night out on my actual birthday with my flatmates and close course mates. 

I’ve already started looking for the perfect outfits as I’m ridiculously picky about nights out and I think that this will be one of them. It’s from ASOS and costs £35, in the sale. I’m really into glitter at the moment and this shape usually looks quite good on me so I’m hoping it suits me and looks as nice in the flesh as it does on the picture.  

I’ve wanted a nice pair of patterned trousers for a while as well. I found these ones for just £35 pounds and they’re exactly what I’m looking for. They’re classy and sophisticated but also casual enough to wear on a  daily basis.  

Finally, I’ve been looking for a leather jacket for the longest amount of time and I finally think it’s time to splash out a little bit! My favourite so far is this one from the River Island section on ASOS. It’s £100 and real leather, so not very pricey either! I have to wait until I fly back before I can order, just in case things don’t fit so it’s going to be a long month with these on my “save for later” section of ASOS! Can’t wait to treat myself to some goodies after a very long year of hard work!