Review: KIKO Milano

I was first introduced to KIKO Milano in Milan itself by some of my Italian friends. I spent 4 months out in Italy the summer before last teaching English to Russian expats and Italian kids, and consequently spent all of my free time shopping, eating pizza and having aperitivo’s with my new Italian pals. On one particular shopping trip they took me to the KIKO store in the city centre and I was actually amazed by how amazing this brand is, and particularly by their nail varnishes. I can’t really speak about their other products, because I’ve never personally tried any of them (although I did buy my mum one of their mascaras and she seems to like it). 

They have a store in London but not in Liverpool where I live, or in Manchester or anywhere up north, as fa as I’m aware. When I arrived in Strasbourg I definitely wasn’t expecting them to have a store here, but in fact there are 3 in Strasbourg alone! Luckily for me, their polishes are extremely reasonably priced and actually keep getting cheaper- they’ve gone from just under 4 euros down to 2 euros 50 over the last few months! I’m not sure if this is a promotion or not, but either way, I’m not complaining. 

Their formula is amazing and usually only need a coat or two for shiny, bright nails. I use their gel top coat as well and it is excellent! I currently own a whole range of different colours, although I’m planning on getting a few more before I move back to the UK at the end of the month! 

Which are your favourite nail varnish brands? I honestly encourage you to check out their website, nail varnishes are currently on sale for between £1 and £2.50 over at