Wishlist: let’s go to the beach-each!

I’m planning my holidays away this summer at the moment, and obviously, beach holidays = new swimwear. I have certain bikini styles in mind, mostly because I have a very boring shape so here are my choices for this summer’s galavants. I’m off to Barcelona for a few days with a bit of luck in a few weeks as one of my friends lives there, plus I have my yearly Malta trip with my brother to look forward to at the end of summer. 

I’ve already bought a bodysuit for lounging around on the beach sunbathing, from Hollister. I couldn’t resist it as it was an absolute bargain in the sale for £12, but I obviously won’t be swimming in it. I love the black and white stripes and it’ll just be lovely to sit on the beach in! 

I’ve been having a scout around for the perfect high waisted bikini, as they suit me the best of all of the different styles and I really like this red-orange triangl stye bikini. I love the bold colours against the black outlining and I think they look really lovely on. The same can be said for the white swimming costume- I think it looks really classy and sophisticated for the beach. This one’s from River Island and retails for about £30! 

Finally, I really like this floral bikini top from ASOS. I wasn’t too sure about the matching pants so I’d probably just wear it with a pair of similar blue pants that I already have – they’re actually almost exactly the same colour, from what I can tell, but I think the balconette style is really flattering and this will be a lovely addition to my bikini wardrobe.

What are you planning on buying for the beach this year?