25 Things before 25 | Lifestyle

I’ve been wanting to do a sort of bucket list for a little while now, so this is my version of it- the 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. I’m 22 in September so luckily I still have a few years before the big 2-5 but nonetheless, there’s no harm in starting as soon as possible.

Graduate from University
Go to New York City
Get a Masters (either in linguistics or education)
Write the first draft of my novel.
Start learning another language
Run a half marathon
Have a healthy and serious long-term relationship
Read 52 books in a year
Visit a country on every continent
Own my own home
See Matchbox Twenty in concert
Get a tattoo
Take more photographs (and not just selfies!)
Visit every football stadium in the football league + Wembley
Raise £1000 for charity
Qualify as a primary school teacher
Have something published 
Gain half a stone
Own my own Beetle
Plan and go on a trip around the UK
Be more spontaneous
Watch Classic Movies from the IMDB list
Eat more healthily
Make a log of memories for the future
Live for myself and not for other people

What do you want to do by your next milestone birthday? Let me know in the comments!