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As some of you might be aware, I’ve just finished a 9 month teaching placement in Eastern France as part of my languages degree. While I was there, I did quite a lot of travelling around France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. I arrived back in England for good a fortnight ago and since then I’ve been falling deep into a state of wanderlust, especially since a lot of my friends are travelling or still out on their year abroad itself.

I decided to make my self feel better about being back in cold and rainy England by making a little travelling wish list: a post of the six cities in the world that I would most like to visit and why. I left France out of my list because I’d be here all day describing the cities I haven’t visited yet (mostly those in Western France and South Eastern France).

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Prague | Copenhagen | Sydney | Ancona | Bali | NYC


Prague has always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It looks absolutely beautiful and I’ve heard that it’s really cheap to stay and eat there, which sounds perfect to me. I’m really interested in architecture and the buildings are out of this world. I think this is a place that I’ll visit with my cousin at some point as she loves the idea of going here too, so that’s a nice little family trip to look forward to.


Copenhagen is just so beautiful and idyllic, I just love the little houses and the boats on the river. I appreciate that the climate isn’t up to much but it’s got so many amazing things to visit that I honestly can’t wait to finally be able to go there. Plus the Little Mermaid.


This summer, the aim was to go to Australia and do some travelling around the country. While I’ve saved A LOT of money, I just can’t justify blowing it all this year so I’m going to wait and do Australia another year. My uncle lived in Sydney until recently and it’s my dream since he moved there to visit, so it’s definitely one of my top 6 cities. 


One of my friends who was in my class in second year of university is from Ancona in Italy, and she’s been hassling me to come and visit her out there. It happens to be absolutely beautiful and I have no issues at all in visiting the city with it looking as gorgeous as that! 


My friend is out in South East Asia at the moment and she’s been posting photos galore on instagram whilst she’s been in Bali and it’s made me fall even further in love with the place. This is somewhere I’d visit whilst travelling as opposed to just going there on holiday so I’ll have to get saving those pennies. 


My absolute dream city and I really don’t think it requires an explanation. Arguably the most magical place on the planet with something for everyone.

Where are some cities that you want to visit? Let me know!