List: What I’m …ing at the moment!

I enjoyed doing a post like this last month so I thought I’d do another one this month! I’m planning a whole bunch of review and haul posts for the next fortnight so keep checking back and comment below if you’re enjoying anything in particular! 

What I’m watching at the moment:

I’m still making my way slowly through Pretty Little Liars but I’m also really enjoying movies, which is quite unusual for me. I’ve just watched In Bruges and I’ve rewatched Pitch Perfect in preparation for the release of Pitch Perfect 2 and then I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinema on Monday night!! 

What I’m listening to at the moment:

My favourite songs at the moment are Glitter in the Air by Pink and the amazing cover of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars made by Sleeping at Last. If you haven’t listened to Sleeping at Last before, I really recommend his music- it’s really beautiful and heartfelt and there lyrics are absolutely breathtaking at times. 

What I’m wearing at the moment:

I’m loving the 70s styles at the moment and as always I’m getting plenty of use out of my cropped tops, but I’ve also been taking advantage of the clear skies and wearing dresses and playsuits during the day. I’m really loving a gorgeous little dress I got from Hollister, in particular. 

What I’m using at the moment: 

I’m still loving my Lancôme foundation but I’m really enjoying my YSL lipstick. It makes my lips feel incredible and the colour is really pigmented which is exactly what I was looking for. It was definitely worth the extra money as it doesn’t dry my lips out like the MAC lipsticks do, so I can wear it much more frequently as well. 

What I’m reading at the moment: 

I’ve been getting back into reading recently and I’ve finished a few books this month so far. I finished another novel by Gayle Forman, “I Was Here”, but my read of the month so far is a little novella I read by a French-Canadian author called “The Peculiar life of a lonely Postman.” It was very interesting and I think I’d recommend it to other people as it was definitely something different. I’ve never really read anything like it before and I didn’t expect the ending at all.

What I’m loving at the moment:

I went to Paris last week with my cousin and it was an amazing day, so I’d definitely saying I’m loving Paris at the moment!! I recommend everyone to go at least once in their lives!

What I’m hating at the moment: 

I’m a bit bummed about being back at home at the moment after a year of travelling and French fun, especially since where I live is quite quiet and there’s not a lot to do outside of work. I’m moving back to the city in July though so I have that to look forward to!