List: 3 things I’m grateful for..


I was able to see some of my friends from university this weekend and it was really lovely to catchup. I hadn’t seen them properly since the last time I visited the UK, which was at the beginning of March. I went out for dinner and drinks with one friend, and then breakfast the following morning, and then lunch and a night out with my old flatmates. It made me feel so blessed to have lovely, thoughtful friends who still care enough to spend time with me, even though I’ve been away for a year and, quite frankly, have been pretty much off the radar. I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends.


Sometimes when I’m feeling down in the dumps, there’s absolutely nothing in the world except a good book that can get me out of that hole. I’ve been pretty down about being back in the UK after an amazing year, but I’ve read some amazing books recently that have definitely had a positive effect on my mood. 


Going back to my first point on this list, I went out for dinner with my best friend last week and we decided to go to a lovely little Indian street food restaurant in Liverpool. The food was to die for, especially the curried chickpeas and they catered to our every need. I ate a predominantly dairy free diet because I suffer from lactose intolerance (I say predominantly because sometimes pizza is the question and hell yes is the answer, regardless of my stomach and digestive abilities) and they were very happy to make sure that all of my dishes were dairy free so I didn’t fall ill. They also stocked my favourite wine, an Alsatian one, which reminded me of home, and it’s very uncommon to find it outside of France so that made me very happy. This is obviously a little more lighthearted than my other two choices but if you can’t be grateful for Indian food once in a while, what can you be grateful for?