Favourites: Lipsticks #1 | Beauty

I’m a bit of a lipstick hoarder but like anyone, I definitely have my favourites which I always go running back to. I thought that today I’d blog about my 4 favourite lipstick products and show some pictures of how gorgeous they look on the lips.

During the day I tend to go for more natural colours so MAC’s Velvet Teddy is absolutely perfect for every day use. It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour, a pinky beige, and I really do think that it would suit anybody with any skin tone, it’s just so versatile. It has a matte formula but it’s not particularly drying on the lips which for me is good, because my lips dry out really easily. It stays on pretty well but I do find that I have to reapply it after a few hours- absolutely no problem at all. I really do love it and I’m dreading it running out because I know there’re stock issues in the UK (as in, it’s NEVER in stock anywhere).

Another of my MAC favourites is Vegas Volt, which is a coral coloured product. I tend to dress quite plainly, in the sense that I love black and white and tend to jazz myself up with a dash of bright lipstick. Vegas Volt is perfect for that and the creamy finish is gorgeous. It’s something a bit different but at the same time it’s not too far out of my comfort zone! Definitely a classic colour that would suit any collection.

I absolutely love the colour of this Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick that I picked up the other week. It seems to match with absolutely anything I’m wearing! It’s a beautiful bright and bold shade and it gives me the confidence that I need on a night out with friends.

My final shade is my favourite ever lipstick and I doubt that this will change anytime soon. I uhm-ed and ahh-ed over investing in YSL makeup for a long time, mostly because the cost is quite high. I received a bonus from work (ironically from work in a makeup department store) so I thought I’d treat myself with the Feel Unique 20% off discount that they sometimes offer (I posted about that HERE). This lippy leaves my lips feeling softer than they’ve ever felt before and it keeps them nourished and soft the entire time I’m wearing it. The colour is divine and suits me to a tee. I honestly can’t rave about this lipstick enough and I can’t wait to have an excuse to invest in a few more.