Life: A Day at Ripon Races

It was my dad’s 50th birthday this weekend just gone and we had a lovely family day out at Ripon races in Yorkshire. My dad’s really into horses so this was the perfect thing to treat him to and we had a lovely day out together, especially since I don’t actually like with them and my brother’s just about to head off to university himself.

We set off early in the morning and had a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine which was absolutely lovely. The races themselves didn’t start until the afternoon, at 2pm, so we had chance to chill out and catch up as a family which was also really lovely. I put on my first ever horse racing bets and we watched all the races. I got VERY into it towards the end when one of my horses won and I didn’t spend a lot of money considering what an amazing day we had! I would definitely recommend this type of day out as a family, especially since it was a flats race so the horses couldn’t fall. I know for a fact I’d HATE that so this made me feel a lot better about it all! 

Have you done anything nice as a family recently?