Wishlist: NARS Cosmetics

I’ve never purchased a product from NARS before but I’ve been eyeing up a few bits and bobs which I’m going to ask family members to pick up for me for my birthday! I’ve chosen 3 different products which I’ve heard quite a lot about so hopefully they’re as good as everyone makes out! 

The first product that I chose is the NARS Contour Kit in the shade Olympia. I love the look of this little kit and the colour seems to go with my skin tone. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty good product from other bloggers so I’m hoping that it blends well and looks natural on me. 

I then chose one of NARS’ most renowned product, their Powder Blush in the colour Orgasm. I almost bought this for myself a few months back but I persuaded myself against it but I still want it months later so I think I’ll get it this time around. 

Finally, I chose a Pure Matte Lipstick in the shade Terre de Feu, which I love the look of. I love trying out different brands of lipstick and this one is very different from the colours I already own so I think it’ll definitely fill a gap in my collection! 

Which NARS products do you love and recommend?? Let me know in the comments!