Favourites: August

This months monthly favourites are pretty boring, but I’ve had a pretty dull month of moving house, sorting out the new house and getting stuff ready for my 4th and (potentially) final year of university. 

I was VERY late on the Game of Thrones bandwagon and I’ve just this last week finished watching season 3. I took about a year and a half just to get to this point as I have a ridiculously bad attention span. BUT I have persevered and now I’m seriously addicted. I have been spoiled quite a bit for the next two seasons but not enough to stop me from enjoying it (and filling the PLL shaped hole in my heart.) 

I don’t really post about music very frequently, but I am an enormous fan of a beautiful artist called Sleeping at Last. They’re becoming more and more renowned in the UK, especially after the use of their song on the Nationwide advert, and their new Collection “Atlas: Life” is out of this world. I subscribed to it a few months back which means I will receive the entire 24 song collection (and we were also treated to another film score last month) and it only cost me $10! Bargain!! I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you have a spare few minutes. 

I had my weekly date day on thursday and amongst doing a few other things like a drive along the seafront and drinks overlooking the Mersey, me and the boy went to get dinner at this lovely little place in Wavertree called TriBeCa. I wasn’t told we were going out for dinner until 5 minutes before we set off- I’d had a very late lunch and had leftover paella waiting for me at home, so we shared at a pizza and some tapas and it was delicious. I had a glass of the old vino to brighten my day up that little bit more and it was a lovely little date. TriBeCa is one of my favourite places to eat so to go there spontaneously was a real treat. 

Liverpool as a whole is one of my favourite places in the world. I absolutely love living in the city and being back here after a year in France is really fabulous for me. There’s so much to do and so many places to see which no doubt I’ll treat you all to in the next few weeks. Liverpool definitely deserves a place on my August favourites! 

I’ve been using the same blusher everyday for the last year and a half, and I haven’t once raved about how amazing it is. I use MAC cosmetics pressed blusher in Springsheen and it is absolutely perfect. It flatters my skin tone in every way and isn’t too overbearing, which is a plus for someone who likes natural looking makeup like myself. It’s sheertone and shimmery and is just a beautiful colour, a kind of pinky coral, and it especially suits warmer toned girls. I have quite olive-y coloured skin and it’s absolutely perfect for me. 

What have you been loving in August? Let me know in the comments below!