Haul: Birthday Suit

As I’ve mentioned a few times on twitter (what can I say, I’m excited!) it’s my birthday next week and to celebrate my flatmates and I are hosting a little party at our house. I went a bit all out for the occasion and treated myself to all sorts of goodies so I thought I’d do a wee blogpost here about what I’m planning on wearing on the night itself. 

I went shopping with my two best friends in Manchester last week and I told myself beforehand that I wasn’t allowed to spend any money, that I already had a few dresses that I could wear at my party and that I definitely wasn’t looking for something new… That lasted about half an hour into our shopping trip when we stepped foot into Topshop and I found about 5 different dresses and playsuits that were ten times better than the dresses I’d chosen at home. I tried them all on and fell absolutely head over heels in love with the most gorgeous Victorian style high necked white playsuit. Playsuits normally don’t fit me very well as I’m very long legged but have a short upper body so I was ridiculously surprised when I tried it on to discover it flattered me in all the best ways. 

Obviously buying a new outfit meant that I had to buy shoes to match as well and I was incredibly lucky to get the ones I’d been eyeing up on Public Desire in the sale AND with an extra 20% off the sale price. With offers like that, how was I really supposed to resist? The shoes are probably the highest I’ve ever bought but they have quite a solid platform on the front of the foot so they don’t feel remarkably high luckily. I still have a feeling I’m going to have to be carried from place to place after a couple of glasses of wine but are you really the birthday girl if you’re prim and proper? 

I still have to pick up a little bag for the night as I don’t have one that matches (what a shame!) but other than that I’m good to go. My cousin’s doing my hair and makeup for the night and she’s really good at eye makeup in particular so I’m looking forward to seeing her work her magic on me. 

What are your plans for the weekend?