Life: Christmas at Chez HollieInWanderlust

I head back up north to Lancashire this afternoon to spend Christmas with my family, so this weekend I had my own little Christmas weekend with my boyfriend. I thought I’d blog a little about it about it, which is a little bit of an odd one for us as I’ve never really got my boyfriend involved with my blogging, and the idea of having to wait to take pictures of the food before he was allowed to eat it didn’t go down particularly well with him… 

I decided to decorate our living room a little bit and make a makeshift tablecloth out of left-over wrapping paper. I laid out all of Paul’s presents, lit candles and turned on the Christmas tree lights. I live with some other students so obviously we haven’t gone overboard with Christmas – we have a tiny little 3 foot tree which my flatmates decorated with tinsel and baubles.  

Pizza making went very well and we had two delicious pizzas to devour. We spent the rest of the evening opening presents, watching movies and listening to the records we’d gifted to each other on my brand new record player. 

All in all, we had an amazing day and evening together. We spent yesterday together as well, and I cooked us a “proper” Christmas dinner of Roast Gammon and all the trimmings, but I got in such a fizzle about cooking everything from scratch that I completely forgot to take pictures. We went all out with the veg, potatoes, meat and of course we had the Christmas tradition of pigs in blankets! I was rewarded by not having to do the washing up, which was obviously greatly appreciated! The rest of our evening was spent watching “The Santa Clause” and then a binge session of “How to Get Away With Murder” which has quickly become our new thing! 

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and that your build-up to the festivities has been exciting and full of love!