Life: December Goals

Can anyone believe that it’s already December? I’m SUPER busy at the moment with final deadlines, celebrating with my boyfriend and getting my Christmas shopping all finished but I’m hoping to have the chance to complete a few of my monthly goals this month! They are… 

1. Get all of my work, revision and assignments finished and the ones which are due after the holidays started so I can have a few days off over the festive period! It’ll be nice to sit down between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and not feel too guilty about enjoying myself instead of working. 

2. Start to blog more regularly again. Uni has really got the better of me over the last few weeks and the last thing I want to do when I’m home after a day of working is sit down and write even more. I’m getting back into it a little bit at the moment so I’m hoping to post a little bit more consistently this month. 

3. Reach 800 twitter followers! This one’s a little bit of a silly one because I don’t really concern myself with figures and statistics but I would like to have a few more followers and get my writing out there a little bit more. I really love working with brands so I feel like more exposure will allow me more opportunities to do this.

4. Make a full Christmas dinner all by myself! I’ve cooked roasts before obviously but I’ve never had the responsibility of cooking a turkey so that’ll be a bit of a challenge for me. I’m excited for pigs in blankets as well, of course! 

5. Complete my Goodreads challenge. This one’s looking ridiculously unlikely at the moment as I’m so behind on my reading but I’m hoping a few days of solid reading over the holidays will push me over the finish line. Wish me luck! 

What are your targets for the month ahead? Let me know down in the comments!