Life: The Perks of being a Pair

I’m constantly seeing posts about the benefits of being a single lady so
I thought I’d go the other way and do a little something on the benefits of
being in a loving, secure relationship! I feel like I have to write a bit of a
disclaimer here and say that I’m not knocking the single life in the
slightest  (you go single girls!) but I personally have been so much
happier since being in a relationship so thought I’d share 5 of the (less
serious) reasons why I love being in a couple so very much! 

There’s always someone there to give you endless snuggles. 
Final year of uni has
made me VERY cuddle needy (who am I kidding, I’ve always been needy for
cuddles) and having my boyfriend there to give me them whenever I need them has
definitely helped me out a lot this year, particularly recently when I’ve been
stressed out to the absolute max with uni work! High five to you, boyfriend.

You don’t have to meet takeaway minimum delivery costs by yourself. 
Let’s be realistic: a
little person like me isn’t going to buy and eat £12 worth of Chinese food by
myself. Having a boyfriend means I only have to spend half the amount that
I’d have to if I was buying takeout by myself. Plus, you get free Prawn
Crackers and a drink when you spend over £15. It all makes sense. 

You have someone to BLAME for buying takeaway. 
Linking back to my last
point: I LOVE blaming my boyfriend for being a bad influence when I order food
out when in reality I’m just a little fatty and would have done it anyway. It’s
nice to take the guilt off yourself though. 

There’s always someone there for you to moan to/at/about. 
When your housemates leave
crap all over the place and you find mouldy carrots down the side of the oven
because they’re too lazy to pick things up when they drop them, it’s nice to
have someone outside of the equation to moan to. It’s all well and good moaning
to your mother about it, but she’s just going to tell you to clean up the mess
yourself and quite frankly, why the bloody hell should you? (This DEFINITELY
isn’t a regular occurrence in my house…) 

You have someone there for you, no matter what. 
A more serious one to end
things. I don’t know what I’d do without the love and support of my boyfriend,
he picks me up when I’m down and always knows the right things to say to me. He
drives me absolutely mental half the time with his lateness and his ability to
sleep ALL THE DAMN TIME but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

do you guys love about being all coupled up? Let me know!