The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell | Book Review

I didn’t know much about Caroline Mitchell prior to reading The Silent Twin other than the fact she follows me on twitter and writes books, but I’m certainly very much aware of the skill she has with words now! When I received the copy of The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell from Bookouture, I was quick to whack it onto my kindle and give it a whirl, a) because I absolutely love a good psychological thriller and b) avoiding French literature that I actually HAVE to read is becoming a daily occurrence. I’m incredibly glad I did because this book is FANTASTIC and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single word of it.

The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell

I was absolutely hooked from the word go as far as The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell is concerned and I found myself loving  and getting pretty quickly attached to the protagonist, Jennifer Knight, in spite of the fact I hadn’t read the two previous books in the series. We learn that a family of four has been torn apart when one of the children- in fact, one of a set of twins, Abigail- goes missing without a trace. Her twin sister, Olivia, quite literally refuses to speak and her mother has, quite frankly, gone off the rails. I found myself absolutely infuriated with Joanna and couldn’t for the life of me understand how she was able to keep her emotions so in check. She really doesn’t give the impression that she is a mother going through the most unthinkable, horrendous thing you could imagine. On the other hand, her dad Nick is the definition of the devastated father who will do absolutely anything to work out what has happened to his little girl. The book uses flashback journal entries and different character perspectives to unravel a mystery that left my heart pounding and my brain whirring.

Joanna’s writing style is quick paced, descriptive and is one that definitely keeps a reader’s interest- there was never a moment where I found it difficult to plod through the book. In fact, I had to force myself to go to bed at 2am because I knew my 8am alarm would be disgustingly painful otherwise. I was absolutely thrilled to discover that I worked out what was going on and who the perpetrator of the crime was and with the exception of one teeny tiny detail (which we’ll ignore…) I worked out the entire reasoning behind it as well. I won’t give anything away because you really should read this one for yourself but it’s BIG. I wasn’t really too keen on the whole paranormal aspect of the novel but that seems to be a recurring storyline in Mitchell’s series of books involving this particular character and is more a question of my own tastes as opposed to it affecting the storyline in a negative way.

The book as a whole made me incredibly conscious of the alarming number of children who go missing on a yearly basis. Caroline points out the number herself in the book- 140,000 a year- and this sends absolute chills through every part of my being. I’m definitely going to give the other books in the series a go when I have the chance and can’t wait to see what Caroline will have to offer in the coming years! Definitely an author to get excited about.

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