Goodreads: What I’m Reading This Spring

About a month ago, I told myself that enough was enough and I was going to partake in a book buying ban. I have SO many unread books piled high in my bedroom which I haven’t had a chance to read yet, so as well as the fact that I’m not lacking in material, this will also mean that I’m able to save a few pennies for my holidays. I have a RIDICULOUSLY long to-read list and my amazon basket is full to brim with goodies but I am resisting and I’m starting this period of resistance by picking out five of my current books to read between now, the first week of spring and June 21st, when summer begins… 

The Secret History – Donna Tart 

My boyfriend bought me this as one of my Christmas presents and I’m looking forward to finally getting stuck into it. I’m not all that sure what this book is about, I was just told by a friend that I HAD to read it at some point so I stuck it on my Christmas book list without a second thought. I get the impression that it’s going to be quite a deep read but I don’t think that’ll stop me from enjoying it. 

A Daughter’s Secret – Eleanor Moran

I started this one a few months back and never finished it, oops. If you read my blogs regularly, you’ll know that I love a good psychological thriller (see my reviews of The Silent Twin, The SistersI Let You Go and The Girl on the Train for a wee bit of proof) and this seems to fall perfectly into this genre of books. I have no doubt that I’ll love it when I finally get around to reading it properly. 

The Day We Disappeared – Lucy Robinson

I must admit that it was the cover more than anything that drew me to this book as I’ve never heard of the author before but the premise of the story seems really interesting and I get the impression that it’s going to be a really lovely read. Again, I’m not too sure what the book entails but the blurb seems really interesting and a bit of a break from the heavier stuff I’m reading for university. 

Reading Lolita in Tehran- Azar Nafisi 

This one’s been on my reading list probably longer than any book has for a long time, and I finally picked up a copy of it for a mere £2 in a little bookstore. I absolutely love memoirs and this one is one that I’ve really been attracted to as book a woman and a book lover. It also makes me think about how fortunate I am to have never been actively involved in a situation where what I am allowed to read has been decided for me by outside forces. I’m looking forward to reading about Nafisi’s views on western fiction from a non-western perspective and I think that this book will be really eyeopening. 

How to be Both – Ali Smith 

This one has won basically every prize going and that’s what originally drew me to buy it. If I’m not mistaken, the book is split into two and the same story is told from two different people’s perspectives and that in itself is an interesting concept for me and one which I regularly enjoy. I’ve bought another of Ali Smith’s books to read after this one, The Accidental, and I’m looking forward to that one as well, for different reasons. 

What are you planning on reading now that spring has sprung? Let me know!