Life: 5 things I’m feeling grateful for

The fast approaching summer holidays.

2 of my close friends and I are heading off to Spain at the end of June for a much needed girly holiday and it hit me today just how close it actually is! We’re nearing the end of March now so it’s nearly 3 months until the trip which will absolutely FLY by! I haven’t been on a proper beach holiday in a while and it’ll be nice to relax and recuperate after a heavy final exam period.

Weight gain.

My weight gain process is slow and steady and I’m feeling really good about myself at the moment. I’m now at the perfect weight for my height but I want to put on a few extra pounds as I still see myself as being quite long and gangly and I’d love to feel even more confident in my skin. 

Hair growth.

Equally, my hair has grown a ridiculous amount since I cut it all off last June! Every year I get sick to the back teeth of the length of my hair and furiously get it all chopped off, only to regrow it to exactly the same length over the course of the next year and do the same all over again. I told myself I wouldn’t cut off any of the length (other than the ends when they need a tidy up) until my graduation ceremony in July so hopefully it’ll get even longer in the meantime! 

The Easter Holidays

I honestly feel SO run down at the moment, 9-6 days at uni and in the library are really taking it out of me and while I know I should be grateful that I don’t then have to run to work afterwards, I’m more grateful for the fact that the Easter holidays are upon us and I have a much needed period of respite. I plan on tackling the library as much as humanely possible but it’ll be nice to wake up at a reasonable hour rather than forcing myself out of bed for a 9am lecture. 

Friends and Family

I’m always grateful to have such a loving family and home base, and having the friends that I do (including some newly acquired blogging friends) makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worthwhile. I’m looking forward to catching up with my parents and brother over the holidays and seeing some friends from home as well. 

What are you feeling grateful for at the moment?