Beauty: Treatwell Beauty Event*

Last week I was invited by the lovely Holly
Casswell to an exclusive night of pampering, networking and all round fun,
hosted by the organisation Treatwell, at Voodou hair salon on Bold Street in
Treatwell is the new rebranding of the Wahanda
organisation and is an online site where you can buy and book hair, nail and
other beauty treatments with discounts and other fabulous incentives. I was
absolutely thrilled to be invited to such an amazing event and I had an
absolute blast with the other bloggers and with the different beauty companies
who came along to showcase their skills for us! I had a little bit of a ‘mare a
few hours before the event, in that I realised I couldn’t find my camera
charger for the life of me and my camera was about 10 snaps away from dying a
death. Unfortunately that meant I had to resort to using my iPhone camera after
about 20 minutes which was a bit of a pain, but the pictures aren’t toooo bad,
all things considered.

In typical Hollie fashion, I got there earlier
than they told us to be there but this worked out in my favour this time! When
I arrived, my name was checked off the guest list and I was handed a lovely
glass of bubbly Prosecco. I was also asked which of the three complimentary
treatments I fancied having done: there was a choice of a hair up-do, a file
and polish to the nails or else a massage. I decided after a moments
deliberation to go for the nail treatment, mostly because I hadn’t had time to
give them a coat of lacquer before I set off so they felt a little bit bare! I
got given a little appointment card, which I thought was a lovely touch.

The salon itself was absolutely beautiful- I
got my hair cut there a few years ago but haven’t been back since (poor student
lifestyle took over!) and I couldn’t believe what they’d done with the place.
There was an absolutely lovely, chatty waitress handing out the Prosecco and
she definitely put my nerves at ease when I first arrived. I didn’t recognise
any of the people already there so I parked myself down on a sofa next to
another lady, intending on having a little chatter and making a new pal, but I
didn’t have time for that at all: a lovely lady came over to me and introduced
herself, asking if I wanted to have ANOTHER complimentary treatment and give a
massage a go. I’m a bit funny about people touching me so I said no at first,
but the woman was VERY persuasive and before I knew it, I was sat down and
Megan from
Megan Kelly Massage was treating me to what I can only
describe as the magic hands treatment. The massage was absolutely incredible
and I honestly felt so much better for it afterwards. I found a few of my other
blogging pals just after this and we took some amazing selfies that we got
printed off there and then at the event!

I then had my little nail appointment with
Sammy from
Vogue. Vogue is based in Liverpool One and I was
absolutely SO impressed by her work. She tidied up the shape of my nails a
little and pushed my cuticles back first of all and then I chose a lovely deep
purple colour. She finished off the colour with a thick top coat. If you’re in
the Liverpool area and fancy a little bit of TLC, then I would 100% recommend
Sammy’s services. She was chatty, friendly and made me feel right at home. The
treatment I had done would normally only set you back a tenner (and she told me
that they’d take a lot more time on you as well as pushing back your cuticles
further and trimming them if they needed it). Bargain!

The entire event was put together so nicely and
I really had an absolute blast! I have to admit that I was more than tipsy by
the time I headed off to meet some other friends for dinner, goody bag in hand.
Thanks to Holly and
for the invite and to the lovely bloggers that
I met there as well for making it such a good night!