Beauty: My New Go-To Lip Crayons

I don’t often do beauty
reviews but when you find a product you like, it’s always nice to share it with
the rest of the blogosphere! I went out for dinner for my cousin’s birthday about
a month ago to Las Iguanas in Manchester, and after painstakingly applying my
makeup and making myself feel really fabulous, I realised that I didn’t really
want to wear any of the lipsticks that I own. They were either too red, or not
matte enough, or made my lips look small. Basically, any excuse to have a
looksie for some new lipsticks?

I had a quick google before I
went shopping because I knew that I was looking for a matte finish lippy,
preferably applicable by crayon or pencil. I’d heard of a few different brands but
a lot of the reviews claimed that they were far too drying on the skin, so I
was at a bit of a loss as to how to go about choosing one. I decided to just
run to boots before my train and see what I could find, and I’m honestly so
glad I did.

I’m not really a big Soap and
Glory product user. I’ve used a few of their shower gels and body scrubs over
the last few years and they’re pleasant enough, they’re just not really
something I’d go out and buy on a regular basis. I had a quick look over their
makeup counter (who knew they did makeup as well as body products?) and quickly
clocked onto their lip crayons.

They were matte, they were
bright looking and they had exactly the two colours I was looking for. The best
thing? They were £3.50 each, and Boots was running a buy one get one half price
deal on the day I was in! I decided to buy the colours X and Y, a bright red
colour and a musky pink which looks absolutely blooming beautiful on me, if I
do say so myself! I found that my lips didn’t feel too dry after use which is
obviously yet another bonus point. They are really easy to apply; you can do so
directly from the stick itself or else you can use a makeup brush if you
prefer. The formula is pretty smooth feeling and I found that it doesn’t cling
to your lips if they’re a bit dry, it just rubs right in. The colour lasted a
fair few hours on the lips (and this was combined with me eating copious
amounts of food and drinking cocktails!).

If you’re looking for cheap
and cheerful lipsticks, then these are definitely the ones I’d recommend!