Goodreads: April Wrap Up

April’s been a ridiculously busy month for me,
with my university course coming to an end, final essay deadlines looming and
exams to revise for. I’m really chuffed to say that I managed to make time for
my reading in the evenings and I managed to get through 4 books during the
month of May, including one university text (but I’m definitely counting it!)
My exams finish on the last week of May and it’s a fair few days before I have
to get back into the swing of things and start doing work for my masters! I
plan on reading loads and loads and have a ridiculously high to be read pile so
it’s going to be a book filled few months on my blog!

The first book I got through in April was one
for my French Literature class at university, Ourika by Claire de Duras. It’s obviously written in French, as all
my set texts are at university, but if you’re a French speaker I definitely recommend
this one. It’s incredibly interesting and I absolutely loved the story, plus,
it’s a ridiculously short one so I got through it in absolutely no time

My second book of the month was You Know Me Well by the infinitely
popular David Levithan, accompanied by Nina LaCour. I’ve reviewed this one in a
little bit more detail here
so you can check that out if you wish to do so. I absolutely loved this book,
surprise, surprise! I’m actually looking into reading more by Nina as I’ve never
actually read anything written by her before but I absolutely loved the
character whose chapters she contributed towards. Definitely recommend if you’re
a fan of YA fiction. I received an ebook copy of this from the team at St Martin’s Press in exchange for an
honest review.

I was sent a paperback copy of Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between by
the team at Headline books this month
and I was absolutely thrilled because I’d heard nothing but good things about
this book. Again, you can check out a detailed review here
if you want to know more but rest assured I loved this one as well. I’ve had a
pretty decent month for books as I actually loved everything that I read, which
is quite rare for me!

My final book came from the guys at Bookouture and was The Sister by Louise Jensen. This is a debut novel and absolutely fantastic,
as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t gotten around to uploading my review of this
one yet as I literally just finished it yesterday, but it was everything I love
about psychological thrillers encapsulated into one creepy, mysterious novel. I’m
looking forward to seeing what Louise has to offer in the coming years!

What have you been reading this month? Let me
know in the comments, I’m all about recommendations!