Bashing Ball at Roxy Ballroom, Liverpool | Food

This Sunday just passed, I was lucky enough to have a ticket to the lovely Liverpool Blogger’s Ball and boy, did we have a ball! I’ve been looking forward to this event for absolutely ages and when it finally arrived it definitely didn’t disappoint! The event was hosted at the newly opened Roxy Ballroom Liverpool on College Lane and I can’t think of a more fitting place, quite frankly! The room was swanky, modern and perfectly suited to an event such as this one.

I was greeted at the door by the ever lovely, ever beautiful Steph and taken over to the little area which was reserved just for us blogging gals! When I arrived there were a fair few fellow bloggers
already there (which makes a change from me getting there ridiculously early and sitting on my tod for 10 minutes!) so it was pretty easy to get chatting and make new blogging connections. There were quite a few people that I’d never met before and then some who I’ve met quite a few times at various different events. It was nice to finally put faces to names for some bloggers who I’ve followed for a while now! Steph sorted us all out with drinks: I had a lovely little cocktail which I think was Prosecco and strawberry, but I could be wrong! Either way it tasted absolutely gorgeous and I was pleased as punch! Excuse the pun.

The entire event was set up basically as a networking kind of thing and Steph had invited along a few different businesses for us to have a chat with and pass our details onto! First up there was an
amazing chat from David, one of the men behind the ever popular Independent Liverpool website
and membership card. David told us how he set up the Independent Liverpool blog as a post-university venture with his childhood best friend, and how the website works to connect the everyday people with independent restaurants, cafés and shops. A great way of ensuring that the local economy keeps growing amidst the alarming number of chain restaurants and giving the public a way of discovering the best of what Liverpool has to offer. The company has since expanded to Sheffield and Birmingham, and I think he mentioned that they’re on the verge of launching in Cardiff and Manchester as well. I had heard of the company before (and used a few of their recommendations when trying to find places to go for brunch) so it was an absolute pleasure to have a chat with David and ask him questions about his future plans. He mentioned that they’d love to one day launch events abroad so that’s obviously a really interesting and riveting plan for the future and it’d be amazing to be a part of something like that!

There was also a short talk from Gemma at the Button Boutique. The Button Boutique is a lovely little independent business which provides arts and crafts workshops to kids and adults alike, hosts hen parties and baby showers and she also works on upcycling furniture. She’s currently based at REX Concept Store on Bold Street if you want to check out some of her stuff. She also let us know
that she’s going to be hosting a show on Channel 4 about upcycling in August, so be sure to check her out on there. We also had a chance to chat to Rachie from Rachie B Designs. 

Roxy Ballroom Liverpool has pool tables and ping pong for everyone to get stuck into and Steph had organised little tournaments with a bottle of Prosecco and a little goodie bag as prizes for the winners! I’m not competitive in the slightest (promise!) but the thought of winning Prosecco was
too much for me to handle and I definitely got a bit carried away with determination to win! In the end the tournaments went on for far too long so we settled things the democratic way: with rock, paper, scissors! Fortunately for me (and probably everyone else) I won!! YAY! As someone who never wins anything, I was mega chuffed and I’m really excited to drink the Prosecco! Some of the girls ordered food whilst we were there as well and it looked absolutely amazing so I definitely think I’ll be back to try that out ASAP! 

Thanks so much to Steph for hosting the event and making it wonderful, as usual. I can’t wait for the next one! I’ll definitely be going back to Roxy Ballroom Liverpool as well!