Blogging: #LivHelps Blogging Event

This Saturday just passed, I was lucky enough
to spend my afternoon with a bunch of fabulous bloggers at the #LivHelps
blogging event. The event was hosted by the AMAZING
Sammy at the equally fabulous Dough Bar
just around the corner from Lime Street in Liverpool city centre. I’d never
been to the venue before the event but I can say for sure that I’ll be dragging
the other half there at some point soon as it was a lovely place with amazing
food. But more on that later…

When I got to the event, I was a tad nervous as
I wasn’t sure there’d be anyone there that I knew. Needless to say, I had
absolutely no worries in sitting down and chatting to some of my fellow
bloggers. I sat down at a table with Marie, Katie and Kayleigh and I am
seriously glad I did because they’re absolutely lovely girls and it was an
absolute pleasure to meet them. When we got there, Sammy handed out white
envelopes- I opened mine up to discover that I’d won a little Clinique gift-set
and was naturally over the moon there. We ordered drinks and food (I got loaded
cheese fries with pulled pork which was absolutely AMAZING) and spent the vast
majority of the afternoon chatting with the girls and getting to know one
another. It was really nice to go to an event and have so much in common with
people I’d never met before.

Sammy put on a little raffle which was full of
the MOST AMAZING prizes (including a happiness planner that Sarah from Saloca
in Wonderland was lucky enough to run away with!!). In typical Hollie fashion,
I was blissfully unaware that I’d won a prize until Katie, stood next to me,
let me know and I chose some vouchers for a little bar and restaurant on Liverpool
waterfront. I’m looking forward to using them to have a much-needed little date
night with my Other Half in the coming weeks!

The goodie bags that Sammy put together were ON
ANOTHER LEVEL. They had all sorts of amazing goodies inside them, including
(but not limited to!) a Diva Cup (which I found myself getting way too excited
about), an amazing moisturiser from Alphah which everyone seemed  to go wild over but I’ve never heard of! I’ve
used it and it makes my face feel amazing so I guess it’s definitely a winner! 
They also included a Love With Food subscription
box, full to brim with gluten free goodies! I don’t follow a gluten free diet
myself but a lot of gluten free products are also dairy free, for the sake of
making things easier for everyone. I DO follow an (almost) dairy free diet so
the box was a perfect way for me to try out some yummy snacks. Sammy let me
know that the brand who provided us bloggers with the boxes also donated 50
boxes to Food Banks on our behalf, so that’s obviously an amazing thing!

We also got to choose a pair of sunglasses from Peridot,
which was great for me as I have a habit of losing my sunnies every time I go
away on holiday. Guess who just got back from Spain, sunglasses-less… The ones
I chose are super cute and I’m looking forward to taking them away with me (and
DEFINITELY coming home with them this time, I promise!)

Thank you SO much to Sammy for arranging such
an amazing event- it was really obvious that you put a lot of time and effort
into organising everything and getting such amazing brands on board. It was
much appreciated, and I’m already looking forward to the next event!