Homeware Wishlist: Bedding & Bedspreads*


I absolutely love to sleep. As far as I’m
concerned, there’s absolutely nothing better than getting into a cosy pair of pyjamas,
getting tucked up and snuggled in between lovely fluffy pillows and falling
straight into a deep, comfortable slumber. Unfortunately for me, the actual
getting to sleep part of sleeping I have SLIGHT issues with and have been
looking into ways to make the process all the more enjoyable for me.

We all know that there’s nothing better than
getting into a fresh bed (add freshly shaved legs to the mix and it’s
practically a phenomenon!) so getting brand new bedding was and is something
that’s very important to me. I like to get new sets pretty regularly and since
I’ve recently moved into a brand new ADULT flat – au revoir student life, hello
adulthood- I thought it was just right that I have a look into getting some
brand new bedding to make my new house a home. I thought I’d have a look around
online and see what I could find, cotton bedspread-wise, as there’s so much
choice on offer these days and I definitely want to get the best deal for my

Yorkshire Linen

My first stop was Yorkshire Linen. My mum
absolutely worships this place; there’s a tiny little store tucked in the
nearest town centre back where my parents live and I was surprised to find
stockists in Liverpool as well. Their bedding has always been amazing and I’m
pleased to report back that that’s still the case. They have both affordable
and stylish bed linen, which is exactly what I look for when I’m comparing

As a blogger, I’m all about the aesthetics so I
picked out a beautiful
ivory coloured set which will look AMAZING on blog
photos. I also think it’ll brighten up my bedroom a little, as weird as that
sounds, as white linen always looks so fresh and stands out against plain
walls. I love this
grey paisley bedspread to pair with it, especially with it
being cotton based, as in the summer months it’ll be light and airy and won’t
make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
Yorkshire Linen’s 100% cotton
are best
suited for summer nights because of the light cotton material used, so I’ll be
snapping one of these babies up ASAP!

Part of my issue with getting to sleep is that
I hate being too hot, but I also hate being too cold- there really is no middle
ground with me at the moment and I’m suffering for it. A thinner bedspread like
this one would be perfect for when it’s too hot for the duvet but the bottom
sheet just won’t suffice! Pair it with some gorgeous cushions and you’ve got
yourself a beautiful zone to relax in after a long day.

Next is always one of the main places I have a
look for homeware purchases and bedding is no exception to that. I will say
that Next has always been a bit on the pricey side as far as homeware is
concerned and their bedding is definitely one of those splurge-now, let your
bank balance deal with it later kind of purchases! In spite of this, I love
grey and white rose-patterned duvet set. It’d also go hand in hand with the
bedspread, so I’ll be killing two birds with one stone there!

Where else should I be looking for bedding?
Have you checked out Yorkshire Linen and their products before? Let me know in
the comments!

This post is a collaboration with Yorkshire Linen but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.