Beauty: MDMFLow @ Harvey Nichols Bazaar, Liverpool

Around a year ago, I read an article in the newspaper
about a young woman who, after recognising that her skin tone didn’t really
suit the lipstick shades she wanted to wear, started making her own beautifully
pigmented lipsticks in her shed. She eventually named her brand MDMFlow.  On Saturday evening, I got to meet this woman
and by gosh, it was an experience.  

What Florence
has done here with her brand is nothing short of impressive. I was lucky enough
to be invited down to Harvey Nicholls
Beauty Bazaar
in Liverpool at the weekend to take part in a little lipstick
making session and meet Flow. We also got to have a chat with her and discuss
what she’s done to make her brand unique and appealing to the beauty market.

Unfortunately, I had work so I was a tad late
and missed out on the actual workshop but my boss was kind enough to let me go
early enough that I didn’t miss the whole thing (thanks Denise, if you’re
reading!) When I arrived, I was handed Prosecco
(always the way to a blogger’s heart!) and was able to ask loads of questions
about the brand and the processes undertaken to make the product. The girls
saved me a couple of lipsticks and they’re nothing short of GORGEOUS.

The packaging is phenomenal. There’s actually
no other word for it. It’s completely recognisable as being a part of the MDMFlow range and I’ve honestly never
seen any packaging like it. I love the shape of the little gold bullets and I
definitely would feel really fancy whipping them out for a touch up on a night
out. I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough to fashion this gorgeous glittery pink,
Barbie Unicorn, but the nude, which
the group named Snog a Blogger (amazing!!)
is absolutely stunning and will definitely become a staple part of my make up
kit. Her range is mainly marketed at black women, but her lipsticks definitely
suit every skin tone- they appear differently on everyone which makes them
highly marketable and a perfect purchase for anyone looking for lipsticks a
little out of their comfort zone. Her colours range from classic reds and nudes,
to deep purples and bright blues.

As a personal brand, Flow is the epitome of empowerment.
Her bold colours definitely reflect her boldness, and even her brashness at
having the guts to quit a join to pursue her dreams. The event was one which I
enjoyed a lot more than previous beauty events- it was absolutely amazing to
meet the brains behind the operation rather than just a PR team and see the
passion behind the brand first hand. It was also really interesting to see the
lipsticks being made right in front of us – it made the experience all the more
personal and makes you realise just what is involved in creating these sorts of
products. I had a quick swatch of the lip-glosses as well and I definitely
think I’ll be treating myself at the end of the month on pay day as they are
probably my favourite part of the collection. They paint on glossy and dry
matte, which is my favourite type of lip-gloss. I’m eyeing up the reds, of

Thanks so much to Flow and Liberty for the
invite, your brand is amazing and I can’t wait to see where you head next with