Things I HATE When I’m Reading | Goodreads

Reading is one of those hobbies that I get
incredibly into. When I’m reading a book, I’m easily agitated by those around
me and get annoyed by people disrupting my little reading bubble although it is
relatively difficult to distract my attentiona way from a book I’m completely
stuck into. I thought I’d put together a little list, albeit joke-y, of things
that do my nut in while I’m trying to get through a good old book!

People trying to talk
to me.

Chances are when I’m reading, I’m not paying
attention to what’s going on around me. If you’re going to try and speak to me,
I probably won’t hear what you’re saying. If you interrupt my reading to speak
to me, I probably won’t like you all that much. Especially if I’ve just gotten
to a good part.

The “Oh, I’ve read
that book! Have you got to the part where…”

ZIP IT. SPOILERS! Did anyone tell you what
happened whilst you were reading the book? Would you have liked it if they had
have done? No, probably not. So WHY do you feel the need to risk spoiling a
book I’m reading and most likely enjoying? Exactly. Stop.

I don’t much like that

Do you not? Oh, that’s a shame. But why did you
just interrupt me to tell me that? Chances are if I’m reading the book, I
probably do like the author and my opinions probably not going to change
because you don’t… Everyone has different tastes, ours obviously aren’t the

People making
unnecessary amounts of noise around me.

I’m looking at you, boyfriend. No, you’re not
allowed to cheer when the football’s on if I’m reading next to you. You’re
definitely not allowed to chomp your way (loudly!) through a bag of cheesy
doritos. Want to watch a movie? Watch it in the bedroom. You’re being
distracting and I’m going to murder you.*

(*All of this written in jest. No boyfriends have been injured during a reading marathon. Yet.)