My November 2016 Reading List | Goodreads

Operation get back into reading commenced in October and I’m pretty chuffed with my scheduling and time-making skills at the moment! Granted, I’m a bit late in posting this one, and I’ve actually already finished a few of the books I’ve chosen to read over the course of this month. Nonetheless, I’m excited to get stuck into these books and share my feelings about them with you guys.

One of the books I’ve had on my kindle TBR for quite a while is the acclaimed The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley. I bought this one a few months back whilst it was part of a kindle book deal and for whatever reason, hadn’t got around to reading it until now. It follows the life of a young black girl in the late 1950s after she, along with a few of her classmates, is integrated into an entirely white school. It tackles the enormous topic of racism and segregation in the US in the most beautiful of ways and I’m incredibly happy to have finally read this book.

Another book that recently fell onto my radar was The Stranger In My Home by Adele Parks. I’ve never read a book by Adele before, but I know her writing is becoming increasingly popular at the
moment. This one appealed to me for a few reasons, principally because the plot sounded incredibly interesting and something that’d be right up my street.

I’ve also chosen to read Caroline Mitchell’s latest contribution, Witness. This is a review copy,
with the book itself being published in December. As we all know, I love my psychological thrillers more than the average person so I know I’ll love this one. Keeping with my thrillers theme, I’ve added The Secret by Katerina Diamond and The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt to my list as well. Again, these are review copies although I believe that their publication day has passed already so you can go ahead and pick these books up if you so wish!

Finishing up with these books will take me to my yearly reading target of 52 books a month ahead of schedule, which of course I’m over the moon with considering the fact I’ve got an incredibly busy
personal and professional life in line with my blogging commitments. Hopefully November will be an incredibly productive reading month!