Kicking 2017’s butt one goal at a time | Lifestyle

2017 is here and I have goals – and lots of them. Spending the time travelling and exploring the world is an absolute given but I have loads of other ideas over how to make this year the best one yet. 


It’s been a few years now since I lived in France, and I’m starting to get that travel bug again. A few days ago, I booked to go and see a few of my friends in Paris for the weekend. I also have the
intention of taking full advantage of my passport and visiting as many new cities as I possibly can. I went on to book more flights out to France yesterday, spur of the moment – I’m enjoying the more spontaneous side to me that 2017 seems to have brought out.

2017 life goals


In 2016, I managed 53 books, all the while teaching, working another part-time job and blogging. I’m not sure how I managed it; the summer holidays definitely helped matters but I’m hoping to get as many under my belt this year. I’ve got off to a pretty bad start- I haven’t read a single page so far. I know we’re only 4 days into the year but it feels like I’m slacking already! 


This one’s a pretty vague one, but what I mean by this is to take pictures, scrapbook, write down amazing things that happen to me. I’ll be utilising my blog and Instagram for most of this but I’ve also just bought myself one of those little portable mobile printers. I was tempted by the polaroid cameras but I’m not sure I trust other people to take decent pictures so the idea of taking them on my phone/camera first and then printing them out appeals to me a lot more.


I’ve already got my creative head on this month, making little cards for my aunties and a birthday card for my friend. I’ve made a few prints for my flat, to make it a little bit homelier as well. I’m enjoying taking photographs of my travels and my day to day life – I’m thinking of collaging these photos and making a print for my bedroom as the walls in there are looking pretty bare.


This one’s a bit ambitious, particularly where Twitter is concerned but hey, God loves a trier. My followers are growing on a daily basis but not quite to this extent yet. Hopefully I’ll continue putting out blog posts and you guys will keep on reading my posts: that really is all I can ask for.

What are your 2017 goals? Please let me know!