Winter Blues Pick Me Ups | Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but the new year tends to make me very dreary and down in the dumps. I have a few fool proof ways of making sure that my mood picks up when I begin to feel like this and thought I’d share a few of them here today. The Winter Blues have hit and I’m ready for them!

How to Pick Yourself Up When the Winter Blues Hit Home

Lighting candles and snuggling up on the sofa with a hot water bottle, a hot drink and a good book 

Phew! That was quite a long one! As a book blogger, there’s no better cure for winter blues for me than a good book and a hot drink. I absolutely LOVE lighting my Salted Caramel Yankee candle, getting all my snuggly blankets out and settling down in front of the fire with a book in hand. I tend to pop something on the TV in the background as well to give myself a bit of background noise but it’s nice to be able to just get fully immersed in a solid piece of literature. I find myself fully recuperated and ready to tackle whatever the next day throws at me afterwards!

Coffee with a good friend

The easiest way to get rid of the winter blues is definitely a coffee and catch up with a good mate. My schedule’s more than a little busy at the moment but any worries I have completely disappear whenever I’ve seen a friend. It’s nice to have someone to have a vent to and a way of taking your mind off all the things that are worrying you. You’re likely helping them out as much as they’re helping you, too.

A movie night with all your favourite flicks 

The only movie I ever want to watch when I’m in a bad mood is Pride and Prejudice. I can even go as far as to say that me watching this movie is an indicator of the fact- I never watch it when I’m feeling happy. There’s something about Pride and Prejudice that just fixes everything about my bad mood. I also love watching Love Actually, The Holiday and Notting Hill when I’m down in the dumps or grumpy. Sometimes, a movie night, accompanied by a friend or partner to snuggle up to, a bag of microwave popcorn and a bottle of the white stuff is all it takes to stump a foul mood. I definitely recommend.

Baking delicious treats 

Another thing I’ve started doing recently when I’m feeling like absolute rubbish is to get the cookie cutters and the piping bags out and bake treats for myself. There are absolutely no negatives to this: baking is relaxing and you get to eat scrummy biscuits or cakes when you’ve finished. Win win.

Bring out your creative side 

As it happens, at the moment I’m really enjoying getting the paints out and having a go at being creative. I love art. I used to be really good at drawing and painting and would spend a lot of my free time practicing this. Over the last few years, I’ve let this completely dwindle out and I’m incredibly sad about this. I’ve decided that this year, when I’m feeling blue I’m going to whack the paints out and let my creativity shine.

What do you like to do when you’re feeling the winter blues? Let me know!