Beauty: A Little Body Shop Haul

March, I was invited to an event at the Body Shop for the launch of their
Mother’s Day range. Being the bad blogger that I am, I am INCREDIBLY late on
reporting on that, but I do have a pretty good excuse: I was waiting on a
parcel from the Body Shop to arrive to review. Obviously, I then had to try the
products out so I could give my full, unbiased and detailed opinion on them…
and finally, here we have it… a beauty post from the book blogger… who would
have thunk it?

Mother’s Day event was fabulous and I feel incredibly lucky to have been
invited along to the Liverpool Bold Street store to check out the new additions
to their range. However, I must admit that I was a lot more interested in a
different range that the Body Shop have launched: the much acclaimed Drops of
Youth range. At the event, one of the beauty advisors gave the range the most
glowing report – she herself argued that it was the best thing the Body Shop
have ever brought out and if that’s not high praise, then I honestly don’t know
what is. She showed us a trio of different Liquid Peels (and gave a demo of
just how disgusting an amount of dead skin cells accumulate on your body) and I
was absolutely spellbound. Slightly melodramatic, perhaps, but true.

Beauty: A Little Body Shop Haul | Hollie In Wanderlust | Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

spite of this, I was sceptical (of course I was, I’m a complete and utter
cynic). I just had to give the range a go for myself. So off I went with a
sample of each of the different skin peels and I took MUCH satisfaction in
rubbing all the dead skin away and completely revitalising my skin. That’s
where this haul comes in – my samples ran out and I found that actually, the
range IS just as good as everyone said it was and I just HAD to buy a full
sized bottle of one of the peels. After much thought, I decided that the Drops
of Youth peel was the one that I liked the most and it did absolute wonders for
my skin. The peel works at taking the top layer of dead skin off, leaving the
new skin underneath and leaves your skin feeling fresh and bright. I am SO
impressed by this product and think it’ll be staple in my daily routine now.

Beauty: A Little Body Shop Haul | Hollie In Wanderlust | Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

well as the peel, I chose to purchase the Drops of Youth Youth Essence Lotion,
to revitalise my skin further. I wear this one under my moisturiser on a day to
day basis and it feels absolutely incredible on the skin- my skin feels really
smooth and has an almost ‘fresh’ feel about it after I’ve used it. It retails
at £15 which I would argue is quite expensive for what is essentially a toner,
but you only need to use a few drops and a little really does go a long way. I’m
pretty sure that this bottle will last me a very long time. I also treated
myself to a product from the Vitamin C range, their Vitamin C facial polish. I’ve
only used this one a few times but I absolutely LOVE the citrus-y smell that it
has and it seems to be a good product, from what I’ve noticed so far.

Beauty: A Little Body Shop Haul | Hollie In Wanderlust | Liquid Lipsticks

final purchases were actually made at the event itself – the lovely team at the
Bold Street store offered us % off products that evening, so I was able to get two
of The Body Shop’s liquid lipsticks (liquid lipsticks being my absolute
favourite EVER makeup products) for practically pennies. The colours that I
chose (Crete Carnation and Nairobi Camellia) are beautifully pigmented and have
good hold, exactly what I look for in a liquid lippy. A very good purchase all

other Body Shop products should I be buying? Let me know in the comments!