Life: Five Things I’m Grateful for so far this Year


This one is pretty much a given in anyone’s
list, right? I wouldn’t be where I am today without the continued love and
support of all my friends and family. Everything’s working out so nicely for me
at the moment, but it’s nice to have an amazing support network behind me if
things go to pot!


2017 has started off incredibly well for me, in
terms of the countless opportunities I have been offered. I have a fantastic
group of colleagues at the school I’ve recently started at, I’ve been offered a
position for September at a school that ticks all of the boxes for me and I’m
continuing to progress and make connections with publishing houses and
countless brands for my blog. I am incredibly proud of myself and these


Meeting up with friends who I haven’t seen in a
while has become a theme of this year. I spent a week travelling through France
and met up with two of my friends out there. When I got back, I met up with one
of my best mates from college in London. I’ve also regained friendships with
people that I thought were completely unfixable and I have never been so
grateful to have these people in my life.


After Christmas, I used the money I’d earned doing
overtime hours to buy myself a beautiful new Olympus PEN camera. Having a
camera that is as good as this one has done wonders for my photography and I’m
really enjoying going out and taking photos of all the things I’m getting up
to. I’m making memories and have a means of recording these memories- what more
could I ask for?

This one’s a bit of a given too, really, isn’t it? I’ve
read some amazing books so far this year and I’m looking forward to reading
even more as the year goes on. 

What are you grateful for at the moment? Let me know in the comments!