Life: Making my House a Home: Prints

My plan for the summer was to find myself a
brand, spanking new house to move into ready for the new school year to
commence. However, I’ve taken a complete and utter u-turn here and decided
actually, I’m going to stay in my teeny tiny cosy flat for another six months
minimum, and instead do the place up and make it the home that it’s been crying
out to be. The place is a blank canvas and needs a little bit of TLC – what perfect
way to do that than to kit it out in brand spanking new furniture and gorgeous
new prints for the walls?

Etsy and I are close friends, particularly at
the moment. I’m always in favour of supporting small businesses and a few of my
favourite blogging folk (CC: Dorkface) use and rely on Etsy as a source of
income. I have a few of Jemma’s pieces adorned on my lounge wall already so I
decided to have a scout around Etsy, particularly focusing on the prints and
choose a few more that will add that certain Je ne sais quoi to my flat, encompassing my personality, without breaking
the bank.

Part of my identity is definitely French and
France as a whole, and having lived in the beautiful region of Alsace for a
period of time, I think it’s really important to have a piece of the region in
my home. I’ve been looking around for quite a long time for prints that depict
Strasbourg, the city where I lived, and whilst I have a beautiful watercolour
print of the cathedral already up in the flat, I was finding it difficult to
add to my collection. I came across a beautiful French postcard Etsy page and
knew immediately that I HAD to have some of the cards. They had cards of
Strasbourg, Séléstat (the town where my school was located), Colmar (arguably
the most beautiful place in France) and Kaysersberg, famous for the German Christmas
markets. I’ll be framing them in a large frame, together, to show them off

I also have a beautiful French print in my
kitchen, purchased for me by my mother as a graduation present, but I wanted to
add another one to brighten the place up. As a newly discovered coffee fiend, I
found this beautiful
print the perfect addition to my cooking space. I’m on the lookout for even
more (small) prints to compliment the ones I already have in my kitchen.

As if by chance, when I was writing up this
post, I came across ANOTHER print that is absolutely perfect for one of the
walls in my bedroom. It was one of those pieces of art that I just had to have,
and I saw myself and my personality in the colours and the design, as silly as
that sounds. I’ve followed Kelly on twitter for quite a while, but never bought
anything from her store before but I know that that’s definitely going to
change. I’m resisting buying for now, but I’ve spied quite a few other images
that I’ll probably be buying to accompany it as some point. I love the
combination of pink and gold, my two favourite colours. I think I’ll be framing
it in a gold frame to truly accentuate the colour combinations.  

I’m really liking mountain prints at the
moment, so these two prints will look perfect side by side on my lounge wall. I’m
a very black and white kind of girl, so the monochrome print is probably my
favourite of the two but the dash of colour in the other appeals to me as well.
You can purchase the two prints here
and here.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everything
come together and finally making my little flat a proper home!