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We all love a good pamper session, right? I know I do. The last few months of my life have been hectic, full of sleep deprivation and a lot more stress than is healthy for a girl of my age. I have to admit- I’ve really let myself go. I’ve skipped putting on my makeup on a daily basis to benefit from that extra 20 minutes in bed. I’ve let my brows go, to the point where they’re as far away from en fleek as possible. I have EYE BAGS. At 23!!!! When one of my favourite PR ladies got in touch with me on behalf of Vogue Hair and Beauty Liverpool, I honestly felt like all my prayers had been answered.

I was offered the choice of a complimentary curly blow or makeup application. As I had a leaving do for one of my jobs coming up, I thought I’d get my makeup done so I could feel like the belle of the ball for once rather than the ugly duckling that teaching has turned me into. I booked in for the day of the drinks and let myself wind down and relax. 

Vogue Hair and Beauty Liverpool

Vogue Hair and Beauty Liverpool, situated on Old Hall Street right in the heart of the city, is a little gem. Hidden away in a old-fashioned building, the salon itself reeks of style and sophistication and everything you look for when aiming for glamour. When I arrived, I was offered a drink by staff and seated comfortably. Beth, the lady who was doing my makeup application, was a lovely and attentive member of staff and I felt at ease from the word go. The salon was beautifully furnished and decorated, bright and full of light, and really felt welcoming as you entered.

Vogue Hair and Beauty Liverpool

I’ve had makeup applications before where I’ve had to spend a LOT of time post-application dabbing off excess product and toning down what had been done to me. That most definitely wasn’t the case
here. The makeup was applied with precision and care, and Beth took the time to ask me about my thoughts before applying. The products that she used were of a high standard and complimented my skin tone perfectly. I opted for a lash-less look as I’m not really all that used to wearing them and I have pretty long lashes anyway. I also opted for nude shades on my eyes- I’d bought a gorgeous skirt
from Topshop
to wear and the makeup really matched with the look. Beth finished off the look with a gorgeous coating of a matt lip version of the infamous MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and I was good to go, after taking a few selfies of course!

I would definitely go back to Vogue Hair and Beauty Liverpool for a makeup application- and I’m planning on booking in for when we take a trip to the races. I’m quite a safe makeup user- I use the same products, in the same way, every single time I put makeup on, so it was nice to go out of my comfort zone and spice things up a little. I felt confident after application and got SO many compliments on the amazing job that Beth did on my makeup.

Thank you so much to the guys at Vogue for the treatment, it really was much appreciated!

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