Breaking Out of Breakout, Liverpool | Travel

I’m always looking for exciting things to do in and around Liverpool. I’ve lived here since 2012 and yet, there are still so many different things that I haven’t had a go at yet. I went out on a whim and got in touch with a couple of brands and restaurants to see if they wanted to collaborate with me on a secret and exciting future post and lucky for me, they did!

This week, we were lucky enough to go and try out one of the exciting rooms at Breakout Liverpool. After convincing my partner in crime that as Breakout virgins, trying out one of the ridiculously difficult ones probably wasn’t the best of ideas, we finally settled on Shipwrecked, chose our time slot and waited for the day to come around! Getting to the venue was very easy and there was parking just outside (free in the city centre after 6pm!) so our journey there was incredibly smooth and uneventful.

I was VERY excited to try the room out although not very optimistic that we’d actually get out of the room, considering how I have absolutely zero common sense and struggle to think outside of the box. The concept was explained to us before we went into the room but I have to admit that for the first 5 or 10 minutes, we genuinely had no idea what we were doing and just hoped for the best.

The Breakout concept is a very interesting one: you’re locked in a room for 60 minutes and have to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and other word games to escape. As we chose Shipwrecked as our game of choice, our end task was to find the hidden pearls. Of course, I’m not going to explain the puzzles or spoil the game for anyone here but the entire experience was ridiculously exciting and enjoyable and I can’t wait to have another go in the future. The game was difficult, which was good as we do like a good challenge and there were so many occasions where we were left completely clueless with what to do next. If you get REALLY stuck, the staff are happy to send you a cryptic clue to guide you in the right direction.

We managed to get out of the room in the knick of time with just over a minute and a half left on the clock, which I was quite surprised by because with 5 minutes to go we looked like we were on the verge of failing completely! The experience was one that left us full of adrenaline and we were both really eager to have another go. Being able to pose with the “We Broke Out” boards was the icing on the cake of a very enjoyable and different evening. Not falling out and not bickering over the clues was another positive note!

I would definitely go and have another go at the Breakout rooms: to be honest with you, we’re already looking into going again and trying out a different room pretty soon. It’s perfect for all sorts of people; we went as a pair but I know of people going in larger groups; and for all occasions. I think I’d love to do this for my birthday or something similar before going onto cocktails elsewhere!

An activity for absolutely everyone.