Life: Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself

Life: Don't Forget To Treat Yourself | Hollie in Wanderlust | Lifestyle | Savings

As you’ll all probably know by now (because I
complain about the impending return to school EVERY FIVE MINUTES), I’ve landed
myself a fab new job and I’m all but ready to get stuck into the stressful year
ahead of me. I’ve never really had a problem with treating myself when I
thought I deserved it, but knowing full well just how stressed I’m going to be
this year gives me all the more reason to save up for some lovely things. As a
teacher, I know I’ll be much less inclined to spend my money on clothes this
year because a) smart clothing is mandatory and b) I plan on living in my
pyjamas at the weekend, so my savings will be much healthier this year than
they were last.


I’ve been buying new pieces of furniture, new
artwork and accessories over the course of the last few months and I’m happy
with how the flat’s coming along now. There are still quite a few things to do
and adjustments to make, but every new little purchase makes the entire flat
even more lovely to come home to. Having a stressful day at work means that I
want to come back home to comfort and a pretty, cosy home so these changes
really are necessary and in all honesty, integral to my happiness. New crockery
and a fluffy rug are the next items on the agenda: hopefully by Christmas the
entire place will be completely unrecognisable.


Teaching is stressful, there’s absolutely no
doubt about that. I’ve made the incredibly WISE choice of booking myself in for
some lovely treats in October. I have a hair appointment already pencilled in
and I’m going to get my nails jazzed up and enjoy a relaxing spa day. Self care
is incredibly important and it’ll be something to look forward to after a long
7 weeks of term.


When I did a teaching placement out in Italy
during my Undergraduate degree, I fully intended on spending my last
(incredibly generous) payslip on a Louis Vuitton handbag. At the time I was 20
and definitely had more important things to spend my money on, so the woman I
worked with convinced me against it and I put the dosh towards my year abroad
fund. This was a good idea and I don’t regret it at all, but nearly 4 years
later and I still want the handbag. I’ve decided that I’ll be putting around £100
a month, when my finances allow, aside for the bag and treating myself to it at
the end of the year, as a ‘well done on completing your NQT year’ gift from me
to me. Obviously, unexpected bills and life happen so there’s a good chance I’ll
end up putting this on hold and buying next year but if I can afford to do it
come August 2018, I think I will be doing. I work incredibly hard and I shouldn’t
have to feel guilty about treating myself to something that I’ve wanted for a
long time, if I have the money to do it.


I like to use all the summer holidays I get to
travel as much as I possibly can and next summer will be no different. Booking
package holidays in August is asking for an overpriced rip off, so luckily my
own talent in finding excellent deals comes in handy. I’ve been pricing up a
long haul trip somewhere a little more exotic and have a few places in mind,
but I’ll be making my final decision in December and booking during the
Christmas holidays for the following August. Of course, a little mini-break
somewhere wouldn’t go amiss either so I’ll be looking at booking a lovely
little European adventure as well for sometime next year.

What are you planning on treating yourself to
over the coming year? Let me know!