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Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the press event for Gino D’Acampo’s brand new autumn menu at his Gino’s My Restaurant Liverpool.  Liverpool is a city that is slowly but surely becoming renowned for its quirky bars and restaurants and I’m pleased to say that Gino’s restaurant is everything Liverpool needs and more. The restaurant is situated on the corner of Castle Street, in the old HSBC bank, and we had the pleasure of enjoying the glitz and glamour of the night in an old bank vault.

Gino's My Restaurant Liverpool Castle Street

Corporate or Party? Dine in a bank vault

Gino’s My Restaurant Liverpool itself was a lot bigger than I was expecting, and was laid out in a stylish and sophisticated way. It was nice to have a glance around the restaurant before we were led down to the vault- the Bullion Room-  where the event was going to take place. The restaurant hosts a mezzanine style area overlooking the kitchen, allowing visitors to watch their food being cooked before their very eyes. The restaurant was full of hungry diners and smelt of a whole range of beautiful aromas.

Gino's My Restaurant Liverpool The Bullion Room

The Bullion Room, our venue for the night, is a beautiful private dining area that guests can book out for a range of different occasions, from birthday parties to business meetings alike. The room hosts a bar, dining area and a games room with foosball and pool tables ready and waiting to be utilised. Glass of Prosecco in hand and my blogging pals next to me, I was more than ready to taste test all the amazing food and drink in store for us. We had the time to socialise and network with the other people attending, before we were invited to take our seats.

Gino's My Restaurant Liverpool Antipasti boards

An Italian feast at Gino’s My Restaurant Liverpool

Hosted by the charismatic Michela and Giuseppe, the event was an enormous success. Michela introduced us to the restaurant and spoke all about the vision that Gino had for his chain of restaurants. I own a fair few of Gino’s cookbooks and rave about him and his cooking style, so I was a bit gutted that he wasn’t going to be there himself but he did send us a little message welcoming us to his restaurant and explaining some of the methods behind his choices. Another perk of the restaurant is the fact that diners are treated to a complimentary glass of Prosecco with their meal- a bonus, if ever I knew one!

Gino's My Restaurant Liverpool Pizza sharing

Italian food – the way it’s supposed to be

Finally, it was time to start munching away on the delightful delicacies that Gino’s had to offer. We were treated to a platter of antipasti– the Fantastico platter- a whole range of cheeses, meat and olives to tickle our tastebuds. As a lover of cheese (in spite of its tendency to upset my lactose intolerant tummy) I was delighted with the chance to sample quality mozzarella and ricotta. Gino’s restaurants import all of their ingredients from Italy and this was evident in the taste- the tomatoes were fresh, the cheese hearty and full of flavour. The flavoursome addition different meats- salami and prosciutto- only made the experience more memorable. As Prosecco played a particularly significant role in the evening, the antipasti board was paired perfectly with a generous glass of the Primo Prosecco Spumante DOC. We were treated to mushroom and truffle arancini, which were absolutely phenomenal as well as a platter mix of the classic tomato bruschetta and a slightly more ‘out there’ bruschetta, that was accompanied with prawns and chilli mayonnaise!

In terms of main courses, again, nothing was left to be desired. Giuseppe kept the wine flowing, ensuring that every dish that we tasted was paired perfectly with a glass of the good stuff. I was lucky enough to sample slices of The Real Neapolitan Pizza, the most delicious Italian sausage and friarielli based pizza, straight from the rustic streets of Napoli. There was also the Super Spicy pizza on offer, if you so desired, although I personally stuck to the Neapolitan. Finally, the pasta arrived: fresh linguine with crab and the most phenomenal risotto with Italian sausage. As a pasta enthusiast, this was the
moment I had been waiting for. The linguine was everything I needed and I’m still craving it over a week later. We finished up the night with a tiramisu, a much needed digestif and the most delicious Aperol spritz that I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Gino's My Restaurant Liverpool wine tasting

All in all, a fantastic night was had and I can’t wait to go back there and explore the rest of the menu in the future! It’s a restaurant that’s more than suitable for all types of people, professionals and students alike, and I feel very lucky to have been invited along for the ride!

Buon Appetito at Gino’s My Restaurant Liverpool.

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