A Cosy Evening in Rhosesmor, North Wales | UK Travel

One of the (many) benefits of being a teacher are the lovely (and much needed) holidays slotted conveniently throughout the year, ready to take full advantage of. Having had itchy feet since my last trip to Germany in August, staying in Merseyside for the entire week’s holiday was not on the agenda. I’m currently saving up to buy a little home of my own, so spontaneous trips abroad are now well and truly off the agenda. Booking a little getaway was, however, much needed, so after browsing Airbnb for what seems like a lifetime, we settled on a glamping experience in North Wales for the night. We decided on this beautiful little Shepherds Hut in Rhosesmor, packed our bags and got set for a lovely little trip.

I must admit that the trip didn’t get off to the best start. We had a full itinerary of exciting things to do before we checked into the hut- we planned on going hiking in Moel Famau (and then realised quite quickly that that was a
terrible idea- us? Hiking? HA!). After laughing off that suggestion, we settled on a stroll through a beautiful park in Connah’s Quay, hosting the most stunning waterfall. Instagram posts, romantic stroll, what more could we possibly ask for? Cue the rain, ruining plans and potential Instagram-worthy images. And, (un)ironically, the rain is where all of our problems began.

Travel: An (eventful) Stay in North Wales | Hollie in Wanderlust | Travel Blogger | Liverpool Blogger

The place where our Airbnb was located was, to put in simply, in the middle of nowhere. The rain was falling heavily, the wind was blowing a hundred miles a minute and we were more than excited to get settled in and cosy in our little bubble away from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool. Finding the place proved a bit of a challenge, but following the instructions we had been given, we found ourselves heading in what we thought was the right direction towards the house. We went slightly too far down the road and had to turn around, except driving down the winding, narrow country roads meant that turning around in the middle of the road was damn near impossible. We drove down to the bottom of the road, came to a field and made an attempt to turn the car back around to drive into the house’s yard. I say the word ‘attempted’ purposely, as turning the car around proved much more difficult than anticipated. Mostly because of the fact the car had started to sink into the mud. Yes, you read that correctly.

Travel: An (eventful) Stay in North Wales | Hollie in Wanderlust | Travel Blogger | Liverpool Blogger

Long story short, the car was stuck and no amount of manoeuvring was going to get us out. After failing to contact the people we were staying with, and full of fear that a baseball bat yielding farmer with the police on speed-dial was going to bombard us, we got straight onto the insurance company to come and tow us out. Whilst this was all going down, and policies were being checked and both Richard and I had had full on meltdowns, the airbnb host called me back and revealed that we were stuck on their field, and they’d happily come and pull us out with their tractor. Ridiculously embarrassed but relieved we weren’t going to be arrested, the car was rescued and we could finally get to enjoying our relaxing (!!!) weekend away.

Travel: An (eventful) Stay in North Wales | Hollie in Wanderlust | Travel Blogger | Liverpool Blogger

And, boy, was it relaxing. Because of the awful weather, the lovely Sandra and her husband upgraded our stay from the Shepherd’s hut to the Summer House and it is honestly the most beautiful little house I’ve ever seen. We had everything we needed to have a relaxing stay, gifted with bread, breakfast goods and cheese and we were left to our own devices. Being the absolute geeks that we are, we had a relaxing afternoon listening to football, playing scrabble and enjoying the beautiful countryside. We drove into Mold in the evening for dinner and got back to the house in the early evening to enjoy the rest of our time away. Richard’s favourite film is Interstellar so we stuck that on and poured cocktails to sip whilst we watched. My favourite liquor is a Maltese one called bajtra, which is made from prickly pear fruit, and I’d been scouring the internet for cocktail ideas to try out. We awoke early the next morning and enjoyed a breakfast of welsh cheddar on fresh toast, yoghurts and fruit. Packing the car back up to go home was done ever so reluctantly, our thoughts already on our return back to the gorgeous countryside setting and where our travels will take us next.