It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne | Book Review

2018 is flying by and my Goodreads reading challenge looks light years away from achievable! In an
effort to properly wind down after a long day at work, I’ve been trying to switch off from technology, turn off my computer, stop planning and stop THINKING about work at 9pm every night- my go-to alternative has, of course, been to read a book and my latest read was the result of this new system I’ve started up. So far, I’ve found myself feeling less tired and also less stressed, so I think this wind-down time is really benefitting me.

For Christmas my younger brother bought me a few books, one of those being It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne. I’ve never read anything by Holly Bourne before, but a friend of mine had it on her to-read pile and it stood out to me as being something I might enjoy. I’m a bit of a sucker for cheesy YA fiction and this one seemed like it’d be right up my street. I got stuck into it one evening and an hour later, 110 pages in, I was well and truly hooked.

Named after Audrey Hepburn and raised on her parents’ love story, Audrey, our protagonist’s feelings   towards love have turned sour. Newly cynical after falling victim to heartbreak and her parents’ divorce, the story follows Audrey as she starts a new job at her local cinema and attempts to write her A Level Media Studies Extended Essay on the representation of romance in romcoms. Naturally, Audrey finds herself working alongside a man who will likely change her entire perception of love- Harry, an aspiring film director and all round bad boy with a bad reputation for messing girls around. After being warned by multiple people- including her brother-that Harry is no good, can she resist his advances and stop herself falling head over heels for seemingly the wrong guy? Including a gore filled Zombie movie, a wonderful best friend and the biggest and most serious choice a person may have to make in a relationship,
this book is everything that I needed to fill that little gap in YA fiction filled heart.

It’s fair to say that I really enjoyed this book – it was incredibly fast paced and I got through it very quickly. I enjoy this about a book – it’s nice to sit down and whizz through a story, knowing that you’re enjoying it and it’s not an absolute chore to read. The characters were incredibly likeable although I do think that the relationship between Audrey’s brother and her mum should have been explored in
a little bit more detail – I felt as though there was a depth that was lacking slightly here and knowing more about her brother and his situation would have rectified this. Audrey standing up to her dad was a particularly momentous moment and I felt myself swelling with pride a little bit here. The book focused on real-life relationships and emphasised the fact that actually, real life and real love doesn’t flow as easily as it does in the movies and there’s much more to life than a fairy tale romance. The ending could have gone one of two ways and I’m really happy that it ended the way it did – it was the right ending and
showed just how well Audrey and her character had developed over the course of the story.

I’ll be looking out for more books by Holly Bourne and getting stuck into them soon, without a doubt. A
lovely, cute-sy read that made me warm inside.