Life: Making myself feel like ‘Me’ again

Over the last few months, I’venot really felt myself. I’ve been feeling a little bit down in the dumps, I look tired and there’s been a serious strain on my social life. A lot of this – primarily the tiredness – is linked to the fact that I work A LOT and my job is incredibly demanding, both physically and emotionally – but I have really started to feel like enough is enough and I’ve put a number of things in place to ensure that I start feeling less like my current self and more like the
happy, energetic, old me.

Body Positivity | Self Confidence | Hollie in Wanderlust


Showing myself love has always been something I’ve found a little bit difficult. I find it hard to see the good things about my appearance and treating myself has always been a bit of a no-go because there’s always been something we’re saving up for, whether that be for the house, a holiday or just bills that need paying. As a consequence, my confidence has dropped even more than usual and the ability to feel good about myself is proving impossible at the moment. I’ve made a sort of mid-year resolution to look after myself a little bit more and show myself the self-love that my body needs – whether that be with a relaxing bath at the end of the week, whacking
on a little bit of fake tan to perk myself up or else just applying makeup for the hell of it, rather than because there’s a specific event going on. I’m going to start treating myself to massages when I’m feeling worse for wear and getting my brows and lashes done to perk myself up when I’ve had a particularly long week. Showing yourself self-love is never a bad thing; who’s going to love you if you don’t even love yourself, after all?


As a teacher, my evenings are usually spent prepping for the next day’s lessons, printing off worksheets and marking the day’s books for the next day. I usually leave school around 6pm having marked the vast majority of the books and then spend the next few hours going over lesson plans for the next day, planning for the next week and marking any books I didn’t get around to at school. With 58 English books, plus afternoon books to mark each day, my evenings are pretty packed and having down time usually comes at a cost. My new rule will be no work after 9pm and between 9pm and 10pm I’ll get stuck into a good book and try and stay away from technology as far as I can. Having this time to myself can only be beneficial to my happiness so I’m excited to see how I feel in a few weeks time.


Having the time to go out and have a date night is something that Richard and I are struggling to do at the moment, with both of us working on different schedules and having different days off. We do have the benefit of having a home together, which means we can have time together whenever we’re both in, but we’ve decided that sticking to a routine and making plans to go out is something that we’re going to start doing more of. We have a few trips booked over the coming weeks and months, including a little break down south this week, so we’re definitely starting as we mean to go on.


I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t book spontaneous trips here there and everywhere. I’ve booked a surprise trip for Richard’s birthday in May (the surprise being that he doesn’t know where we’re going) and we’ve booked to go to Amsterdam in August and are going back to Nuremberg in November to see friends (said friends are coming to us at the end of April.) I want to get back
into a habit of being more spontaneous and just deciding to book a flight somewhere bizarre, with time to deal with the finer details further along the line. I’ve missed travelling and this is definitely one of the things that make me feel like myself.

What do you do when you’re feeling a bit down and out of character? Let me know in the comments!