Flowery Fun at The Florist Liverpool | Food

Everything these days, concerning bars and restaurants, has the added task, on top of serving fantastic food and drinks, of being ‘instagram friendly.’ I’ll admit it myself- as a blogger, whether a place will provide excellent social media content or not does have an influence on whether I choose to go there or not, as sad as that might seem. It’s no longer enough to just have good food and drinks- the vibe has to be right to attract the crowds and there has to be a certain je ne sais quoi about the place to ensure that the crowds return. The Florist Liverpool is the perfect location for family meals, dates and any other occasion you can think of!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the opening night of The Florist, a brand new restaurant and bar opening in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, on Hanover Street. Hanover Street already has a plethora of stylish bars in its midst, and occupying the Old Blind School, The Florist certainly sits in with these – it arguably even stands out as being a cut above the rest.

The event was spread across the weekend, with an emphasis on cocktails and nibbles on the Saturday evening and then a taster of the Sunday lunch menu on the Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately,
due to my intensive schedule and some serious time constraints, I was only able to attend the Saturday night part of the weekend but that by no means was a complete negative. With my friend Emily in tow, glammed up to the maximum, we arrived at the beautiful venue ready to explore and see what The Florist has to offer.

It has a LOT to offer.

The entire venue is beautifullydecorated- every single detail has been thought through with the most intricate of designs presented. The drinks menu has been crafted with their vision completely in mind and nothing is out of place. Walking around the inside of the building was a treat in itself – beautifully crafted flower arrangements adorn every possible area and it is, to be frank, a blogger’s haven. It honestly felt as though I’d walked into a showroom – I and everyone around me was completely blown away by what we had before us. Terrace areas outside allow for the fun to be extended to beautifully sunny days. We walked in to the event to be greeted by charming, excited staff members and the most incredible tasting Elderflower and Lychee Daiquiri that I’ve ever had the fortune of drinking. It was incredibly light tasting and adorned with a beautiful sprig of flowers – really adding that glamour to a classic drink. Over the course of the evening, I tried a number of different cocktails, including one called Rhubarb in Bloom (10/10 would drink again) and another that was a refreshing mixture of Prosecco and peach liquor stylishly named Peaches and Prosecco. The Florist offered a number of workshops on the night, ranging from flower arranging to gin tasting, all courses which are available to book in your own time if you so wish.

Of course, me being me, the highlight of my evening was, of course, the food and the nibbles that were on offer went above and beyond the call of duty. Emily and I filled our plates with a combination of different nibbles, including Crispy Mussel Popcorn, Baked Kale Crisps, Potatoes, Sweet Potato Fries and, my absolute favourite, Lavender, honey and Sunflower seed bread dipped in whipped goats cheese butter. I would return to The Florist JUST for that bread, no word of a lie. It was divine. To say that I was gutted not to have a taste of the roast dinner on Sunday is a complete and utter understatement but it just gives me reason to return in the future (as if I needed any convincing on this!)

In fact, I’ve already booked Richard and I in to return at the end of June to have a proper taste of the menu for a lovely romantic date night. I’m excited to try out their mains and see if they’re as delicious as everyone I know has said that they are!

Long story short? Go. The Florist Liverpool is worth every single penny.