What I Wore in Paris – Disneyland Paris Edition | Fashion

My lovely partner celebrated his 25th birthday last week so naturally, I took it as an excuse to spoil him rotten (and book an exciting trip at the same time). I am very fortunate having Rich in my life and he does so much to make me happy so a lovely, romantic break away was the perfect way to return the favour. After umm-ing and ahh-ing over the location, my need to return to France took over and I booked a two night stay in central Paris with the hope that I could later convince Richard that Disneyland Paris was the perfect day-trip to take. I didn’t have high hopes on that one but it’s funny how luck works in your way – a friend of mine had some spare tickets to the Disneyland parks that were due to expire this week so offered them to us to use! How could we say no to that stroke of luck?

Warehouse Dress | Disneyland Paris Castle

Disneyland Paris | Meet Mickey Mouse

Disneyland Paris

Getting to Disneyland Paris from central Paris is pretty simple to do and can be done very cheaply as well. As we went to Paris for the weekend, we benefitted from buying the tickets jeune week-end metro passes, for people under the age of 26, which cost just under €9 each for unlimited day travel on the metro and RER trains. The train from central Paris to Disneyland is an RER train so was inclusive within the ticket- otherwise a single ticket costs €6,50! We hopped on the RER A Line from Châtelet-Les Halles to Marne-la-Vallée, the station that’s just a stone throw away from the Disneyland Parks.

Disneyland Paris | Disneyland Palace | Cinderella

Disneyland Paris Palace Castle

Dressing for the occasion was a must- I made sure to pack a Disney themed headband- and as the forecasts had predicted incredibly hot weather I had an important decision to make regarding my outfit for the day. I wanted something lightweight to keep me cool but also classy enough that I was covered up for the family-friendly theme park. I’m really loving wrap dresses at the moment so ordered a couple of beautiful ones on ASOS. The one I eventually went for was this classic striped wrap dress from Warehouse – very similar in style to my other Warehouse wrap dress, just much more vibrant in colour and completely the opposite of my normal style. It really has been a ‘new year, new me’ in terms of fashion choices! I paired the dress with a pair of slip on pumps, perfect for the inevitable miles of walking that we were bound to do.

The outfit went down an absolute treat in the park and has had such a positive response from everyone that’s seen it so far! It covered up enough of my body that I didn’t feel self-conscious or awkward walking around without my jacket on but was loose enough that I didn’t melt in the 28 degree heat. It was the perfect rollercoaster riding outfit, without a doubt.

Disneyland Paris Star Wars

Disneyland Paris Les Pays des Contes de Fees

It’s fair to say that we had an absolute ball at Disneyland Paris – the rides were fantastic and the entire experience was magical beyond belief. The atmosphere at the place was remarkable – I imagine that Disneyland Paris is the only place where grown adults can completely lose their inhibitions and let loose in such a child-like way. Walking around the parks was fantastic and there really was something for everyone. We rode ride after ride, had a little river ride through a fairytale wonderland and ate Bavarian hotdogs in Geppetto’s workshop.  I couldn’t imagine spending a better day with my other half – the first day in a magical Parisian adventure.

Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland Paris

What are your favourite things about Disneyland? Let me know in the comments!